ach Lucero plays the guitar for Imago and the drums for Humanfolk. He’s also the Programming Director for Radio Republic.

He’s one of those true-blue Pinoy musicians you see around watching gigs at Saguijo and Route 196. If you ask him how he got into music, he’ll tell you that it happened when his sister started taking piano lessons.

We sat down with him for a quick bit for this new series for, “The Playlist,” where he’ll interview fellow musicians and celebrities about their, well, playlists. To start it off, we asked him about his alone time/man cave music because we wanted to know a bit about what keeps him creative and what goes on in his mind when he’s not doing his regular things.

And so, here’s The Playlist from Zach.

Album: Lessons
Released: 2013 (Bloodshot Records)

“I like parks and long walks. ‘Colorful Kids’ gets me walking fast.”


Album: Manos
Released: 1993 (Sub Pop)

“When writing songs, sometimes I need to reset my head—akin to smelling coffee beans when checking out fragrances. ‘Sunday’ does it for me.”


Album: Boxer
Released: 2007 (Beggars Banquet)

“This is my night song. Call me weird but i also like sitting in the dark and just zone out. ‘Start a War’ gets me in the mood for some solo sulking and therapeutic cave time.”


Album: Wolf’s Law
Released: 2013 (Atlantic)

“‘Bats’…okay, I ride a lot. Listening to music while riding a motorcycle is not really safe. I sometimes do it though. (Hope my mom is not into or I wont hear the end of it.) This song can get me revving.”


Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Released: 2009 (V2, Loyauté, Glassnote)

“My man cave also consists of cleaning things. With something intimate like cleaning guitars (intimate kasi ang daming singit singit and one needs to focus) I listen to this…over and over and over. Next thing you know I’ve been detailing a guitar for six hours.”


Album: Out of Tradition
Year Released: 2014 (Tao Music)

“Among other things, I enjoy cleaning and tidying up are my scoots. For this, I like listening to jazz and prog stuff. The latest from Bob Aves is what I have been tripping out on recently on my Sunday cleaning sessions.”


Album: Live at the Royal Festival Hall
Year Released: 1990 (JMT)

“Same with 3. It’s a staple when cleaning vehicles.”


Album: Sound of Silver
Year Released: 2007 (DFA Records)

“Ah…cave time for me also means capoeira, and cross training. LCD Soundsystem all the way!


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