I’d like to say that we turned to our trusty crystal ball for this piece, but in reality we stalked Hollywood insiders, observed human fashion behavior, and sprinkled a heavy serving of gut feel to list down 8 looks we’d like to see in the upcoming year of the horse. Whether you agree or not, we have 12 months to debate.

8. Sky-high platforms

Has the wedge heel overstayed its welcome? Sure, it gave us women a comfortable alternative to pencil-thin heels, but perhaps it’s time to give those wedges a break and let another type of chunky heel shine—platforms. Since the ’90s was all the rage in 2013, why not bring back another trend from that decade?

7. Beyond vintage

How overplayed is the word vintage? We’ve obsessed over vintage cameras, vintage toys, vintage fashion… vintage everything! When “The Simpsons” was hipster-ized for one episode, they mocked the anti-mainstream culture by bringing pre-1900s circus unicycles to the streets of Springfield. That actually sounds like a good idea! Since we’ve paid tribute to almost every decade from the Gatsby ’20s to the punk ’90s, why not go way back to the 1800s and yonder for some inspiration? Napoleonic empire-cut dresses, anyone?

6. Modest fashion

With the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga pulling all the stops when it comes to peek-a-boo and risqué fashion, we’ve learned one important lesson—that we should leave some to the imagination. We’d love to see the return of wrap dresses and poodle skirts, hemlines that go below the knees, and classic cuts that aren’t trying too hard. Being sexy doesn’t always mean you have to show off your sideboobs and camel toe.

5. Pastel craze

Succeeding 2013’s emerald green, radiant orchid was named 2014 Pantone Color of the Year. Not only do we foresee a rise in orchid sales at flower shops, but also an explosion of muted down colors and sandy shades. As one fashion editor put it, “Sky’s the limit on how pastel-happy you want to get.”

4. Sexy menswear

From button-down dress shirts to trousers, adding a manly touch to a girl’s outfit can temper the girliness of her look. The best closets to raid? Your dad or grandpa’s! If not, you can always go shopping. The recent Spring/Summer 2014 runways were peppered with manly pieces, so you’ll definitely see them on the racks soon.

3. New “it” jackets

Not everyone is stuck in high school, so we’d like to see those varsity jackets go on a long hiatus. To keep warm, we’d like to see more sweaters, bomber jackets, and blazers incorporated into people’s OOTDs.

2. Baggy bottoms

Fashion insiders are predicting the onslaught of chic slouchy trousers and pants for women, so why not give baggy jeans a chance to resurrect? Now before you dudes start whipping out your kuya’s Tupac-inspired getups from his baul, give the designers a chance to revive and modernize the cut and style of baggy pants to fit 2014. We’d love to see jeans loosen up, but not hang below your butts a la Dr. Dre and Ice Cube in 1992.

1. Chef fashion

Bakery cafés and breakfast nooks are mushrooming all over the metro. Cooking reality shows and kitchen-setting shows are taking over TV-land. We’d love to see a rise in more couture and fasyon chef jackets, aprons, toques, vests, and neckerchiefs, as well as the emergence of rebellious TV chefs going against the standard kitchen dress code. And if this prediction goes well, how about incorporating chef-inspired pieces into runway trends? A double-breasted chef jacket with military buttons as your OOTD, perhaps?

What are you wearing this year? Post your OOTDs in the Comments Section below.

Kate Alvarez

A former full-time magazine and newspaper editor, Kate now juggles a career in writing, modeling and acting. She is also an advocate of animal rights and mental health awareness. Check out her blogs, Kate Was Here and Retro Prints, as well as her beauty articles in BDJ Box.


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