8planners2015-headtitles No matter how 2014 was for you, there’s always a desire to make 2015 better and getting a planner is usually the first step. Here are 8 planners that are simple (and beautiful) on the outside but every bit useful on the inside. 8planners2015-photo8a Get them at: Online and at Fully Booked, National Bookstore, Powerbooks branches
Price: Estimated P600
Slate planners are known for their simple exterior but a jam-packed and artistic interior (they called for artwork contributors earlier in the year). The 2015 planner has not been released yet but we’ll update this as soon as it’s up! Rest assured, it’s gonna be worth the wait!
8planners2015-photo7a Get them at: Any Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch
Price: A series of purchases (1 Original Ice Blended, 1 Tea Latte,1 Coffee-based beverage, 1 Holiday Featured Beverage,  plus any 8 Original Ice Blended, coffee-based, tea-based or frozen Swirl drinks)
In partnership with Real Life Foundation, CBTL is back with their Giving Journal 2015. The journal hopes to help make 2015 your best year yet by bringing out the best version of yourself. There is even an online community to help inspire you to plan for the year ahead. You have until January 11, 2015 to get your hands on this one!
8planners2015-photo6 Get them at: Muji branches
Price: P345 for B6 size (smallest size), P395 for A5 size, and P545 for B5 size. There are also even smaller ones that start at P195
Muji is everything clean and neat. It’s as basic as you can get and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The planner starts on Week 48 or on Nov 24 so you can also use to plan the rest of the year (i.e. you won’t have to wait a month to start using it).
8planners2015-photo5 Get them at: Email alusinahandboundbooks@gmail.com for the full catalog and order form.
Price: P1,000 + shipping fees for Kislap, P100 for Verde
Alusina makes beautiful handbound notebooks that you can purchase or customize. They also have a Verde planner which you can purchase separately or as part of the Kislap refillable set. The planner has 29 weeks or more than half the year so you can start organizing your life as soon as you get your journal!
8planners2015-photo4 Get them at: Fully Booked and Scribe Writing Essentials branches
Price: P595 for the Signature Chromatic Diary; P995 for the Signature Diary; P1,025 for the Executive Diary
If you want a journal type planner, they have the clean and sleek Daycraft Signature Diary. And if you want a more serious, pro type, Scribe has their Daycraft 2015 Executive Diary to help you be more efficient and productive.
8planners2015-photo3a ‘Tis the planner with personality. It’s packed with humor that’s uniquely Pinoy. Witty Will Save the World, Co. knows how to make a planner fun and functional. If you ever get lazy to write, just remember what the makers say: “Dahil ang pag-ibig, dapat inaaraw-araw!!!”
8planners2015-photo2 Get them at: Moonleaf branches
Price: it hasn’t been released yet but the price should be around P350
Last year, Moonleaf collaborated with Muni for a planner that featured 12 of the country’s top illustrators. This year Moonleaf has another planner lined up and expect it to be nothing short of amazing. They’ll be launching their 2015 planner next week so check back for more details!
8planners2015-photo1 Get it at: Heima stores, or send an email to thedaykeeperbook@gmail.com
Price: Around P1,100 depending on shipping and where you pick it up
The Daykeeper is perfect for a year of discovery. Aside from the typical weekly plans, you can also jot down what made you smile for the week. There are postcards also for when you travel and even a section to write a letter for your future self. A beautiful journal for all your dreams and memories in 2015.


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