If you still hadn’t gotten over the soundtrack (or possibly, the whole film), there’s no need to let it go because our love for “Frozen” has opened another door! Following the top-grossing and award-winning success of this Disney animated musical, Walt Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger confirmed to Fortune that the magic ofAnna and Elsa’s enchanting tale will continue on Broadway.
Aside from “Frozen,” other much-loved Disney animated movies such as “The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “The Little Mermaid” have been staged through Disney Theatrical Group, Walt Disney Company’s stage play and musical production arm, as well as live action films like “Mary Poppins,” “High School Musical” and “Camp Rock.”
And let’s admit: it’s impossible to imagine a childhood without Disney characters. Pinoys have been growing up in this heavily westernized pop culture; no wonder Disney films are also popular choices for theatrical adaptations here in the Philippines. These days, you could feel the anticipation looming in the air with the news of Ovation Productions bringing over a touring production of “Beauty and The Beast” to Manila next year.
Atlantis Productions staged it in 2005 with KC Concepcion as Belle, alternating the role with former MYX VJ Karel Marquez. STAGES has produced “High School Musical” in 2007, starring Sam Concepcion as Troy Bolton opposite Cheska Ortega who played Gabriella Montez.
Repertory Philippines has staged “Aladdin Jr.” (2006), “Cinderella for Kids” (2007), “Mulan Jr.” (2008), and “Camp Rock” (2012).
“The Little Mermaid” (2011) and “Tarzan” (2013) were also staged by Atlantis, both with Rachel Anne Go who is currently playing Gigi in the West End 2014 revival of “Miss Saigon.”
Undeniably, Pinoys got what it takes to belt out even the most challenging songs (karaoke, anyone?) and for the past several months, most of our pag-birit include the infamous “Let It Go,” “Love is an Open Door,” “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” and other “Frozen” favorites, and caused extreme cases of LSS.
So if “Frozen” were to be staged here, who would be perfect for the cast? We bet no callbacks are needed for these 8 celebrities who could possibly melt your “Frozen” hearts when they bring the beloved characters to life onstage.
His best Rick Astley impression and comical antics are enough to know that in this musical, he’ll never gonna let you down. Visualizing him playing the part is actually as fun as Olaf imagining his joyful days in summer as a…happy snowman!
Lucky for him, Sven doesn’t really have solos since he was mainly voiced by Kristoff but come on, accurately maintaining the face of this huge-eyed reindeer for almost an hour-and-a-half? This could be Dingdong’s most challenging role yet.
TV may be a far cry from theater but Dingdong matches Sven’s stocky built and with some practice, can manage to produce some grunts, snorts, and other strange sounds reindeers make. So yeah, he’s definitely fit to be Kristoff’s loyal sleigh-puller and companion.
Seriously, haven’t you noticed how much they look alike? Notice those bushy eyebrows, chunky nose and elongated ears, not to mention a round figure that’s perfect for rolling down the valley. And since Jimmy has been in the entertainment industry for quite a long time, we know this veteran comedian’s got the wisdom of a fatherly troll.
There won’t be any surprises if these two turn out to be actually related. Besides their similar features, they’re amazing party planners, all for the love of their kids. Bulda orchestrated a spontaneous wedding for Kristoff while Janet was able to mount an ostentatious birthday bash for Jeane. So bongga!
They’re also meddlesome in their own ways, whether it’s Kristoff’s love life or government funds.
And they’re both trolls, literally and figuratively.
So when it comes to internalizing the role, we’ve got no worries. She’ll do just fine.
He’s the guy who can sway your judgment with his charisma, making it hard to decide whether he’s really good-natured or just a sly heart-breaker waiting for an open door. As Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, you can spot Billy as a charming royal with his boyish and handsome features at first glance.
But then, his light beard and sly eyes give off that edgy, cunning look which complements Hans’ dark side. Though his genre was mostly RnB and hip hop, it would be interesting to hear him sing the Love is an Open Door with Anna. Hans loves crazy, anyway.
Years of ice harvesting have made Kristoff stockier than the usual Disney leading man, but Piolo, who used to be part of The Hunks, looks well-built for the part. So we’re also gonna take in those deep set eyes and couple it with a half-smile and poof! We’ve got the Fixer Upper ready to go.
Plus, serenading Sven won’t be a problem for Piolo, who’s a balladeer himself.  Though we’re still hoping in our wildest dreams that there will be another song for Kristoff (or at least a duet with Anna), because honestly, we can’t just take these voices for granted. Right, Jonathan Groff?
Having played Maria in West Side Story for STAGES, Sita in Ballet Philippines’ Rama Hari, and Maddie in The Kitchen Musical, Karylle’s theater and musical background has prepared her for this role of a lifetime. Moreover, her prim, kind-hearted and playful persona goes well with Elsa’s delicate disposition of protecting her loved ones, even after the time she swooshed away her inhibitions.
And in case you’re wondering how they’re gonna pull off Elsa’s icy powers on stage, Disney Theatrical and the local production company here might learn a thing or two from this.
Sarah Geronimo is a powerhouse, which is in all probability, the most essential factor to consider especially when you’ve got a character that’s as hyperactive, awkward and spunky as Anna.
Bagging the lead is an incredibly huge step for anyone who’s doesn’t have much experience in theater, but Sarah’s versatility in her live performances could be an advantage for her to perform in the scene, for the first time in forever!
Besides, there’s Coach Lea to guide her so why not?


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