banner-pinoy-costumes-2014 Most of you might have already seen photos of Katy Perry dressed up as a giant cheeto and Taylor Swift as a unicorn-pegasus hybrid (dubbed “pegacorn,” which sounded more like a snack than a creature), but did you check out what your local artistas were wearing last Halloween? Because a lot of them were pretty impressive, too.
Here are 8 of the best Halloween costumes of Pinoy celebrities this year. 8-Best-Celebrity-Halloween-Costumes-2014-text8

Complete with claws and those glorious sideburns, Bitoy went as one of Marvel’s most beloved mutants. “Some of my followers came up with the wittiest names. ‘My favorite is ‘Bitoy’ + ‘Logan’… ‘BITLOGAN’. Happy Halloween!” he wrote on Instagram.


Erap para sa Mahirap. A photo posted by isabelledaza (@isabelledaza) on

The stunning Isabelle Daza actually dressed up as a sexy Wonder Woman for Halloween, but this is absolutely nothing compared to what she posted on October 27, when she made a solid makeup transformation and used prosthetics to become (former President) Mayor Joseph Estrada. Everything was spot on, especially around the stomach area.


Bluer than blue.

A photo posted by Marie Pauleen Luna (@pauleenluna) on

Dressed as Marvel’s shapeshifter supervillain, Pauleen looked stunning in blue (without looking like a Smurf). Bossing must have been really proud.


Orlando Bloompanes as Legolas A photo posted by Vhong Navarro (@vhongx44) on

The It’s Showtime host dressed as Tolkien’s silky-haired handsome elf—the one he dubbed as “Orlando Bloompanes.” Maybe he could take some gastronomical advice from hobbits and start having second breakfast? All he needs now is someone who can visit him to bring the foods…


We’ve all probably seen too many zombie costumes since “The Walking Dead” started airing, but this ASAP host showed that he means business. The costume was pretty terrifying–the rotting face stood out with the contacts, and the rib cage prosthetics were simply disgusting. The best part? He worked on the makeup himself–liquid latex, fake blood and all. Good job, Dead Madela!


Maleficent happy halloween po! ako po ang nag makeup sa sarili ko.. A photo posted by OFFICIAL Ryzza Mae Dizon (@ryzzamaechacha) on

“Happy Halloween po! Ako po ang nag makeup sa sarili ko,” declared Ryzza Mae on Instagram. The makeup did look like a child put it on, but the costume, and Ryzza’s expression on this photo, are simply priceless. And at least the head gear fits now


My Halloween Costume for 2014. Black Swan. #BlackSwANNE #Halloween2014 #NYC #Anneventures #AnnesJourneyTo30 A photo posted by annecurtissmith (@annecurtissmith) on

Anne spent her Halloween in New York dressed as ballerina Nina (Natalie Portman) from Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan.” The costume was elegant, and Anne looked beautiful as usual, but the “Blood Ransom” star’s #BlackSwANNE Instagram post begs the question: which came first, the hashtag or the costume?


No words. NO WORDS! Paolo has recently been making headlines for his makeup transformations (Tyra Banks said he “did a great job” of looking like her), but this has got to be one of his best because he looks exactly like the pop star. The best part? It looks like he’s not about to stop doing this anytime soon, so we can look forward to more jaw-dropping transformations. Please, Paolo: we want more. Want to add more celebrities to this list? Share them with us in the Comments Section below!

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