Answer the questions below to find out which Pinoy Celebrity Couple is closest to you and your significant other!

1. Which song lyrics describe how you first met?

  • “Pag-ibig ko sa iyo’y totoo, singtamis ng wine, singtatag ng sunshine…”
  • “Punta ako sa tindahan ni Aling Nena para bumili ng suka…”
  • “Time, I’ve been passing time, watching trains go by…”
  • “Kumusta na, aking mahal? Sana ay nasa mabuti ka…”
  • “I’ve known you for so long, you were a friend of mine…”
  • “Pagdating ng panahon, baka ikaw rin at ako…”
  • “Lunes, ng tayo’y nagkakilala…”
  • “We found love in a hopeless place…”

2. If you absolutely had to have a third wheel in your date, it would have to be…

  • Deniece Cornejo
  • Tootsie Guevarra (of “Kaba” fame)
  • Darna
  • Vic Sotto
  • Josh Salvador (As in Kris Aquino’s son)
  • Ricky Lo

3. If you wanted to watch a Pinoy Action movie, it would have to be something like…

  • Asiong Salonga (2011 version)
  • On The Job
  • Magsisimba Kang May Bulak Sa Ilong (Jestoni Alarcon)
  • Eagle Squad (All-star cast)
  • Alyas Pogi (Bong Revilla)
  • Isang Bala Ka Lang (FPJ)
  • Julio Valiente (Lito Lapid)
  • Bad Boy (Robin Padilla)

4. Which book best represents how often you see each other?

  • Tuesdays With Morrie (Weekly)
  • The Joy Luck Club (As often as we can)
  • Dante’s Inferno (Daily)
  • A Hundred Years of Solitude (I can’t remember the last time)

5. The Teleserye that best represents your romance would be…

  • Lobo (Wild Passion)
  • Marimar (Amnesia, Revenge)
  • Pangako Sa ‘Yo (Innocence)
  • Kung Mawawala Ka (Intrigue, Politics, Power)
  • Valiente (Secrecy, Pathos)
  • Marinara (Light-hearted, Fun)

6. The restaurant you are most likely to get engaged in would be…

  • Chowking
  • Healthy Kitchen
  • Barrio Fiesta
  • Max’s Fried Chicken
  • TGI Fridays
  • Sinangag Express
  • Bellini’s
  • Buffet 101

7. If the two of you ever got married, your wedding singer absolutely has to be…

  • The Itchyworms
  • Rick Astley
  • Martin Nievera
  • Grace Nono
  • Aegis
  • Razorback
  • Sitti
  • No singing, we want fireworks instead

8. Pick a Couple Shirt:

  • Disney Princesses + Princes
  • Princess Leia: “I Love You” + Han Solo: “I Know”
  • Minnie and Mickey Mouse puckering up
  • “He’s Nothing Without Me!” + “I’m Nothing Without Her!”
  • “If I’m Nutella” + “I’m the Bread”
  • “Mr. Right” + “Mrs. Always Right”
  • What’s a couple shirt?
  • Ew gross! NO!


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