To commemorate National Heroes’ Day in the Philippines, just for fun and to see them in a different way, here are famous historical figures resurrected as popular foreign fictional comics superheroes.

Apolinario Mabini as Professor X

Why: Mabini was the “intellectual” of the revolution. Professor X is the literal brains behind the X-Men.
apolinario x

Gregorio Del Pilar as Leonidas (as fictionalized in 300)

Why: Del Pilar became a hero for his last stand at the Battle of the Tirad Pass. Leonidas led the heroic defense against the innumerable Persian army at the Battle of Thermophylae.
gregorio leonidas

Juan Luna as Dazzler

Why: Aside from being part of the revolutionary movement Juan Luna was known for his paintings. Dazzler is a superhero that uses bright colors to her advantage.
juan luna dazzer

Melchora Aquno as Angel

Why: Melchora Aquino provided a place for revolutionaries to rest and heal up. The latest version of Angel can heal others.
melchora angel

Lapu-Lapu as Namor

Why: Lapu-Lapu fiercely defended his land from foreign aggression (and defeated Magellan in the water), just like how anti-hero Namor protects his realm.
lapu lapu namor

Gabriela and Diego Silang as Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic

Why: Just like Gabriela and Diego, Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic are a husband-wife tandem (working within the Fantastic Four, of course). In both cases, the wife is much stronger than the husband.
silang fantastic

Andres Bonifacio as Captain America

Why: More than any other hero, Bonifacio represents an undying relentlessness driven by love of nation (or at least, the concept of it)—much like Captain America.
andres captain

Jose Rizal as Batman

Why: We’re taught in school that Jose Rizal is a super-genius who can do anything. The only difference between this idealized version of him and Batman is that the latter is driven by a relentless desire to avenge the death of his parents.
jose rizal batman

Lady Santelices (Illustration)

Lady enjoyed Math during primary and secondary school. After a friend asked for a portrait sketch as a graduation gift, her dream of being an accountant changed into wanting a life in creative advertising design--making it then difficult to solve math problems. Lady now spends most of her time creating art-related works and turns her humor and wittiness into comics and illustrations. She's currently a designer for 8List. See most of her artworks, fashion blogs, and inspirations at

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