It’s not always about Starbucks, y’know! Here are 8 alternatives to the coffee shop planner—all locally made, all less than P1,000 each, and no sticker collection necessary.
Design Your Life

There are square-shaped slots that allow you to insert and display your favorite Instagram selfies and other photographs on the pages of your DYL planner. Each page pops out with festive colors and you’re free to add stickers and other frills. You’ll almost forget that it’s a planner because it looks more like a slum book or a crafty mom’s scrapbook.

Best for: Scrapbookers, crafters, and photography enthusiasts

Bonus: Photo pockets

Where to buy: Online at CNS Designs

Price: P530

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Everything is Possible

This hardbound planner is bursting with optimism. The monthly, weekly, and special pages allow you to jot down habits, happiness lists, and other things that need organizing. When you find yourself in a rut, all you have to do is glance at the positive quotes and goal-oriented affirmations scattered throughout the planner.

Best for: Busy bees, dreamers, and people with OCD

Where to buy: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Page One, and

Bonus: Expandable back pocket

Price: P598

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Navi: Your Life Navigator

Whether you’re a jetsetter or have yet to plan that backpacking adventure, Navi celebrates maps, panoramic illustrations, and all things wanderlust. Each month features a different travel destination and pages to help you jot down your bucket lists, travel plans, and other life events.

Best for: Travelers and adventurers

Bonus: Coupons worth P25,000 and an expandable back pocket

Where to buy: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks and

Price: P598

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Filed Doodle Planner

Are you the type who keeps a black Pilot pen in his pocket and enjoys drawing on coffee shop napkins and paper placemats? This planner is calling your name. Filed Doodle Planner encourages your inner compulsive doodler with spacious sketch areas and coloring pages. It also has a monthly expense tracker and ticker pages of movies to watch, books to read, and places to visit.

Best for: Doodlers and artists

Bonus: Page Muncher bookmark, pen bandolier, and a Free Moodie monster plushy keychain while supplies last

Where to buy: Click here for a complete list of sellers

Price: P545

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This artistic planner-meets-journal encourages you to fill in the pages with your poetry, sketches, thoughts, hopes and dreams. They took out the lines and borders to keep your imagination and creativity open as you plan your year. Albeit a bit pricey, the Daykeeper is guaranteed to stand out from other commercially produced planners.

Best for: Daydreamers and the artsy, poetic types

Bonus: None

Where to buy: Heima and Daykeeper’s Facebook page

Price: P950

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Muni x Moonleaf Planner

Moonleaf Tea Shop went against the trend of making their customers collect stickers to get a free planner. They enlisted the help of local artists who filled up the pages of their 2014 planner with their works. Now buy one before the hipsters beat you to it!

Best for: Artists and art enthusiasts

Bonus: None

Price: P350

Where to buy: Moonleaf Tea Shop. Click here for a list of branches.

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Relaks, Pag-ibig Lang Yan, Parang Kagat Lang ng Langgam Planner 

Witty Will Save the World is back! Their latest planner promises 365 days of love life humor, but won’t guarantee you’ll find “the one.” The pages are filled with hilarious horoscopes, “umiibig of the month,” no-holds-barred love advice, a katangahan tally to keep track of your relationship failures, and classic lines from OPM love songs and movies. Each page is so artistically and wittily put together that you might want to just keep it as a coffee table book for all your friends to enjoy.

Best for: The heartbroken, bitter, jaded or “single but available” Pinoys

Bonus: Snakes and Ladders Pag-Ibig Edition, witty coupons (not the type that gives you free stuff), and a back pocket

Where to buy: Click here for a complete list of distributors.

Price: P490

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Belle De Jour Power Planner

Girl power may have sprung in the ’90s, but it’s a mantra that many still take to heart. Ever since the first BDJ Power Planner was launched in 2006, it has amassed a cult following of girls who can’t get enough of BDJ’s unique pages such as the goals page, thoughts page, dream board, menstrual tracker, bills and cash flow tracker, vacation planner, and many more OC-friendly pages! BDJ also started the coupon craze, and they’ve taken the game to a higher level with contests and promos.

Best for: Empowered kikay women

Bonus: Free stickers, a BDJ discount card, expandable back pocket, coupons worth P40,000, and access to BDJ’s events, promos, and other online activities

Price: P598 (matte laminated cover, spiral or smythe sewn), P680 (gray matte leather cover), and P698 (customized cover)

Where to buy: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Page One, and

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