Suddenly this season, we are going around in circles. Polka dots returns in the forever cycle of fashion that goes around to come a-round. It appears on everything from shoes to bags to delicious sprinkling on dresses. Perhaps just a smattering or a full blown print. It is at once young, fresh and forever. Here are 8 ways to make you sign on the dotted line.
Or a full-blown formal frock in dalmatian dots. This pattern is a style stand-in in the classic white background peppered with small black holes.
Where a blouse or a t-shirt, big circles or Op Art classic. Pair this with a bias skirt or skinny jeans and you are in the style loop.
Chiffon halter neckline or tiered and ruffled skirt. Worn with a white tee or worn together for that head turning high fashion trend.
Polka dots are an instant pick-me-up. You can wear it with anything at all times of the day or night.
Wear it pop art-big on a pantsuit or as an evening clutch that will be the star of any outfit, polka dots ruled the runways of the world!
The LBD for the rest of the year is a refreshing spotted dress, long or short, as appliques or a print. Circles come in cycles and this year it is the it outfit.
Slim-sational jeans or your mighty mini skirt has a new leash on life and high style whenever it’s dotty ! Own it.
Sneakers, tops and blue jeans look fresh and clean with the invasion of polka dots. Wear it all together and become the penultimate trendsetter.
What’s your take on polka dots? Post them in the Comments Section.

Larry Leviste

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