All infanticipating mothers (and fathers, too) should check out this list of things that you might not yet know about pregnancy.


From the tummy that gets bigger and bigger every month and causes skin to stretch, leaving you with tiger or zebra marks. Early and continuous moisturizing will prevent these scars.

Stretchmark-prone areas are in the lower abdomen, sides of the tummy, the actual tummy area (particularly around the navel) and even your breasts (because they get really big with all the milk).

Putting lotion on the arms including near the armpit and thighs (front and back of bikini line) is also helpful for preggy mamas who put on a lot of weight.


What happened to those silky white underarms? Blame pregnancy hormones which cause hyperpigmentation and make some areas (armpits, neck, and areolas) darker. This is also the reason why a dark line (lineanigra) develops from your tummy to your navel.

While your baby is still in your womb, go for natural skin-whitening remedies. Rub lemon or calamansi peel on affected areas.


You’re considered lucky if you’re not one of the 20-50% of pregnant or post-partum women who get this uncomfortable condition. Piles, as it is also called, are varicose veins in the rectum which bulge like small-sized grapes.

A constantly enlarging uterus, increased blood flow which make veins more relaxed and the pressure from pushing during delivery are what makes these veins bulge.


The growing baby inside the tummy makes mommy’s body ache. The most common are back pains and ligament pains. The sources of the pain is usually pressure from the changes in the body’s center of gravity and the continuous stretching of ligaments around the uterus.

Aside from enduring these pains, you can also get cramps in the middle of the night. Taking the right diet and having an exercise routine, along with pre-natal supplements, will help you get through the pains.

Applying hot compress on painful areas may help ease the cramps. A pre-natal massage might be the answer to your woes.


Pregnancy causes excess secretion of a hormone called estradiol which is responsible for the foul smell from the underarms and even from the genitalia. Meanwhile, increased body temperature during pregnancy can cause excessive sweating.

Moms who have this condition should wear loose maternity clothes and underwear made of cotton. Squeezing lemon into your bath water will also help reduce the smell.

Go for natural deodorants and stay away from anti-perspirants which may contain dangerous chemicals for you and your little one.


Pregnant women are more sensitive and moody. However, a growing tummy makes you a social magnet. People can’t help but share their thoughts and advice (solicited or not), so be sure to keep calm.

Even if you get comments such as “your nose is getting bigger,” “are you carrying twins?,” “why are you so big?,” carry your baby and your pregnant body proud. After all, what’s more rewarding than carrying a new life?


Ever heard of “It’s okay to eat anything, you’re eating for two.”? It’s the worst piece of advice anyone can give a pregnant woman. I went from 107 to 165 lbs in nine months!

Eating better doesn’t mean eating more. At least, not much more. If you start off at a healthy weight, you need no extra calories during the first trimester, about 300 extra calories a day in the second trimester, and about 450 extra calories a day in the third trimester.


Believe it or not, men can have pregnancy symptoms, too. There’s even a clinical word for it. “Couvade syndrome is a condition where the father-to-be experiences pregnancy symptoms like weight gain, nausea, insomnia and mood swings,” states The Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology.

About 90 percent of men experience at least one pregnancy-like symptom, according to a 2005 report filed by CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, MD.

All these temporary inconveniences will soon be forgotten once your baby is in your arms.

Some items summarized from 10 Things They Did Not Tell You About Pregnancy.

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