Have you ever dreamt of running away to join the circus and flying through the air with the greatest of ease?
Now is your chance. You can feel like you are part of the greatest show on earth at Flying Trapeze Philippines (FTP), located at Bonifacio Global City. Brought to Manila by aerialist Will Hsu, FTP features the first and only full-size flying trapeze rig in the Philippines, and one of only a few in Asia.
Who knows, there might be an opening at Cirque du Soleil, right? Here are 8 reasons to feel the thrill of the flying trapeze.
Here’s something new to tick off your bucket list. It’s not every day that you can say, “Hey, I’m gonna fly off a 25-foot platform and do a backflip while I’m at it”.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! (Okay, there’s an age limit: 6 years old, and those younger than 18 need parental consent).
Contrary to how it looks, you don’t have to be an acrobat. In fact, there’s no experience required. It’s open to anyone, no matter what size, athletic ability, or fitness level. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish – just jumping off the platform and feeling that first swing is an achievement in itself.
Safety is key at FTP. The rig features top-of-the-line equipment designed by Jackie Tan, the most trusted circus equipment supplier in the world. There’s a safety net below, plus you’re equipped with a safety belt/harness so there is no need to worry! Also, FTP has friendly and experienced coaches who will walk you through the basics, make sure you’re doing things correctly, and motivate you to take that first leap. A crucial tip from founder Will Hsu: LISTEN to all the cues that your coaches give you while flying, and TRUST in the equipment and in your coaches.
You’ve got a fear of heights? This is the best way to face it. You might think that the hardest part will be trying to do the tricks, but really, the challenge is climbing up that ladder and hopping off the platform. Once you’ve done that, the experience is exhilarating. For your first try, you’ll learn the basics: your stance before hopping off, then the double knee hang and a backflip dismount. At the end of your class, you’ll attempt a catch. Believe me, once you’ve tried all of this, you’ll find yourself wanting more.
Already an adrenaline junkie? The great thing about trapeze is it’s for all skill levels, beginner or advanced. If you’ve got the basics down pat, you can level up and work on more difficult tricks. There’s lots of room to advance, build your skill set, and find new challenges each time. Exceed your own limits!
Bored with the gym? Well, the flying trapeze is definitely one way to get that workout in, and you will surely feel it in your muscles the next day. When flying, you engage your upper body and core, and you’ll get that exercise without even having to think about it.
Nothing brings people together like shared adventure. This is a great venue for your barkada or officemates to just hang loose and have a good time. You can even hold birthday parties or team-building sessions here; you’ll just have to book it in advance. (No alcohol allowed though, for safety reasons!) Also, in a group class setting, you’re sure to meet new friends who will share your newfound love for flying.
Let’s admit it, this is pretty darn cool. Show your friends how daring you are. Go ahead and post that video. At the end of the day, you’ll have something much more exciting to post on Instagram than what you ate for lunch.
So, what are you waiting for? Fly now! Visit Flying Trapeze Philippines website here.
Have you tried the Flying Trapeze? Share your experiences with us at the Comments Section!

Mia Cabalfin

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