or someone with bad handwriting like me, typography is simply magic. It takes the words that we love, the words that we believe in, and even the simple everyday words that we speak and turns it into art. It’s not easy either; it’s not just a random doodle behind your math notes (though many have started from that). Typography is an art that requires patience and a whole lot of practice.
Typography, simply put, is turning letters into visual art through varied forms such as calligraphy, hand lettering, digital rendering and the like, and utilizes different mediums such as watercolor, ink, and chalk. Typography definitely isn’t simple to learn, but it is becoming more accessible nowadays through workshops and activities organized by lots of type artists. And as more and more people have been getting into this emerging art form, it’s no surprise that Type Kita is back only 8 months after their first exhibit.
Type Kita 2 is a typography exhibit for the benefit of Heart School, and it will once again showcase the works of different type artists in the country. It’s not just about going to the exhibit and seeing some art. It’s about learning and really getting your fix of typography and design. The organizers hope that after, guests will pursue their love for type.
So invite your friends (artists and non-artists alike), family (early Christmas shopping, anyone?) and everyone you can find to Type Kita 2! Here are 8 reasons why you should go.
  Type Kita has always been about sharing art for a cause. So this weekend, selected artists will have art pieces for sale at the event. A portion of the sales will be given to Heart School,  a non-profit organization that provides education to underprivileged children and uses creative means to teach them. Kids learn by painting, storytelling, drawing, and the like. Everything from school supplies to snacks are provided through donations and pledges. Buy art and help bring out the creativity in kids! Not bad, huh?   Type Kita 2 has a lot in store for visitors – and by a lot, we mean 42! Yup, the exhibit will feature 42 amazing artists! Doing the math, that would make 5 8list lists!
To make it stand out from the first Type Kita, the organizers opened this one to submissions to give type-enthusiasts a chance to be part of the exhibit. Among the artists, a few of them will be selling their work as well so aside from purchasing their creations, you also get the chance to meet and interact with them.   The definite highlight of the event would be the Type Demos that will be running for both days by selected artists. The Type Demo is a way for guests to interact with each other and with the artists in a more casual setting. Kicking off the Type Demos on Saturday is illustrator and designer, Kay Aranzanso. Don’t be late, because her Live Chalk Lettering starts at 1pm! Feel free to bring your own materials and hang out with her as she finishes her piece!   Another Saturday session, Calligraphy Tambay runs from 2:30 to 3:30pm. Learn this challenging art form with Fozzy Casto-Dayrit, a calligrapher and freelance designer; and La Bella Scrittura, a group of girls who have created a haven for those who want to get into calligraphy.   Bikes…and screen printing?! Though it seems like an odd combination, Hocus Manila specializes in just that. This weekend, be a part of their screen-printing session and see how the experts do it! As the last Type Demo on Saturday, the Screen Printing session is from 4-5pm.    Hang out with Abbey Sy, Ella Lama and John Ed de Vera on Sunday from 2-3 pm! I suggest you to check out their respective Instagram feeds and you’ll notice how each artist has their own approach to hand lettering. It’s definitely going to be interesting seeing these three do their work side by side! Like with all Type Demos, feel free to bring your writing materials and join in on the fun! You can also ask them for tips along the way.   Who said watercolor is just for kids? Watch Tipsy of Googly Gooeys and June Digan make wonderful watercolor typography on Sunday at 4-5pm. Bring your watercolor materials and try your hand at it too!   If the Type Demos aren’t enough, Type Kita 2 will also be having a Film Showing,  Live Signage Painting, Stamping Session with Hey Kessey, and Design Your Own Taka-Type with Takatak Project.
Type Kita 2 is happening this weekend, October 18 – 19, 2014 from 11:00 am to 7:00pm at 10A Alabama in Quezon City. Entrance Fee is 50 pesos. You can check out their FB page for a map and directions!

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