Recently, we had the opportunity to pop by Chef Chris Locher’s new restaurant, Recess, right along Jupiter Street in Makati. The food was splendid, as expected, but there’s something else about the place that really made it great: the ambiance.

You see, Recess is made to look like a high school, as it harkens back to our younger and carefree days when we could look forward to eating with friends, and enjoying each other’s company, the way we did during recess breaks in school. Here are 8 things Recess did right to evoke that feeling.


Take one look at the ceiling, and what do you see? Why, it’s the periodic table! How many of us spent weeks upon weeks trying our best to memorize the periodic table? Just us nerds? Okay, then.


The wallpaper makes one of the rooms in Recess look like a library. In fact, it looks so much like a library that you could hear a pin drop inside the room, given how silent every single diner in that area is. That’s how powerful the look can be.


There are lockers adorning the walls of Recess, and I was sorely tempted to see if I can deposit my bag inside one of them, for old time’s sake.


Admit it: the allure of drinking was never higher than when we were high school kids. How many urban legends have there been of students bringing vodka hidden inside their Coleman? Surely, we’ve all heard of a classmate of a friend who did that very thing.

We were young and stupid then. Now, we’re not so young anymore.


While Chef Chris’s Originals may not have existed back in our time, this new batch of Originals, roll-up pizzas topped with well-loved Philippine dishes, definitely remind us of our fond memories of eating tapa or bangus or the like, laughing along with our classmates and breaking one of the first rules we ever learned: to not talk with our mouth full.


A full meal during recess might be difficult, but a quick dessert? Perfect.


Hang out with people your age at Recess, and the high school memories will flow right back in!


Remember how every single new item in the school cafeteria was an adventure that often turned out to be a pleasant surprise? Well, you can expect more of that from Recess!


Experience Recess and the resulting trip back to your high school life. Find them at 50 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Village, Makati.

What was your favorite part of high school? Post your memories in the Comments Section.

Tim Henares

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