If party-beaching/beach-partying ain’t your thing, our friend Estan Cabigas over at Langyaw.com made a list of quiet and far away white sand beaches complete with photos and descriptions. Here are our 8 favorites.

“It’s truly a paradise! Cibang Cove in Cagayan province’s Calayan Island is so pristine, so remote, so magical that its even a safe to guess that only a few hundred people have been to its shores.”
Find their full feature on Cibang Cove (and details on how to get there) here.

“Flower Island is just awesome! It’s a private place with its own stretch of white sand, several trails around the forest and a spectacular viewing deck that gives you 360 degree view up a hill.”
For their full feature on Flower Island, click here.

“I never regretted visiting Isla Gigantes off Carles in Iloilo where I spent my xxth birthday, solo. Antonia Beach is just one of the spectacular beach areas scattered in different islets and islands. Here, there are great rock formations, a back-to-back beach and friendly fishes that accompany you while swimming (they actually want to nibble on your skin).”
For more about Antonia beach, please go on over yonder.

“Historically, Capul Island was a very strategic place. It was where Spanish galleons made their final stop to stock on water before they set sail to Acapulco via the Pacific Ocean. At the southern end of the island is an abandoned white sand beach. Eerie? Yes. But the water was just too inviting for a swim.”
Do not resist! Check out Capul Island, click here.

“Just between the islands of Cebu and Leyte, and off Danao City is a group of islands called the Camotes. Santiago Bay in Pajican island has a stunning white sand beach. When you go there, you’d think its a private strip but it’s actually owned by the local government and free to use.”
Read all about Santiago Bay’s pristine beauty here.

“As the tide rises, Dumog Islet (or sandbar) goes under a few inches of water. When the tide goes low, it appears like a mirage. It even has a tail of white sand just barely visible above the water that stretches for a hundred meters out into the sea.”
Tubigon sounds so magical you’d almost expect to see a mermaid. Read the feature here.

“Buluan Island is definitely under the radar. A tadpole shaped land off Ipil in Zamboanga Sibugay, its another beautiful place with a nice pristine beach. It’s part of a marine park and if you take the time to visit this place, you’ll be rewarded with untouched coral gardens. Or if you prefer basking in the shoreline, small fishes called lupoy often swim in numbers jumping on cue off the water that it can be a sight to behold early in the morning.”
Relax and forget about the tech savvy world at Buluan, read about it here.

“Spell B-A-S-I-L-A-N and most Filipinos would not want to go there. But in an island just five minutes off Isabela City is a gem of a beach with a scenic view of the mountains of the Zamboanga Peninsula. Is it safe? Yes. I think. Especially you’ll find armed military men under the shade of the trees and that should be enough to deter bandits and Abu Sayyaf.”
See just how it’s worth the trip here.
Check out Langyaw.com for more beautiful photos of the Philippines’ breathtaking nook and crannies. And don’t forget to post protips, thoughts and suggestions in the Comments Section.


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