Rico Blanco, one of the most gifted musicians of our generation, is definitely respected and in high regard. Despite that, the man doesn’t revel in being a rockstar, or at least, doesn’t make you feel it, even if it oozes out of him every step of the way.

People love paying tribute to great people only when it’s too late. So why not pay tribute to him while he’s still around to appreciate it? Here are 8 things that set Rico Blanco apart as a Pinoy Rock icon all on his own.


Rico Blanco is your regular renaissance man. He doesn’t just sing, play instruments, and write music, but he’s also a television, film, and theater actor, a director, and he even dabbles in painting and photography.



Rico Blanco’s favorite song is called “241.” We’re not actually sure if this is a joke.



Rico was technically retired from music in 2007, but came back in the same year to perform in support of the Sumilao farmers. In fact, he’s pretty awesome when it comes to collaborations, whether it be with Chito Miranda, Gloc 9, or of course, that epic one he had with Ely Buendia, Raymund Marasigan, and Barbie Almalbis.



Don’t be surprised if a Rivermaya reunion in the near future ever happens. Rico’s pretty open to the idea, and if it could happen to a group as volatile as the Eraserheads, well…



Don’t be surprised to run into him in Alphonse in Pasig or Time in Makati, either, because he owns the former and is the President of the latter. He also used to be a part owner of Capone’s, which was just right across Time.



Rico loves his fans. A lot. He encourages them to hone their musical talents, and even went through the trouble of contacting them on Facebook, offering them studio time, and jamming with them via streaming video. That’s unbelievable effort for someone who people regard as Pinoy Rock royalty.



Believe it or not, Rico claims that until about two or three years ago, he didn’t even drink, despite the heavy association between drinking and his type of music. To this day, he only really drinks socially.



Because the man is genuinely a perfectionist and expects nothing but the best out of himself, Rico bided his time in the music industry before he even launched his first solo concert, in 2013. That’s right: 20 years after he started his musical career.

Tim Henares

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