Yesterday evening, the trailer for the RoboCop remake debuted. Reaction online was decidedly divided, with criticism centering on the look of the new hero, and the premise: the new RoboCop is a machine with a human face, to protect OCP’s very lucrative drone business.

Whatever you think of the upcoming movie, scheduled for a February 2014 release, check out 8 of the best tweets we’ve sighted online:

Big E Langston:

A new #RoboCop can only mean a @WWE Capital Combat reprisal, right?

(Capital Combat was a 1990 wrestling pay-per-view event in the US. It featured the old RoboCop making a “real-world” appearance ringside, as part of the promotional efforts for RoboCop 2)



How can something from 2013 look worse than something from 1987? #Robocop


THE Mr⚡Brumfield:

Hoping this new #RoboCop lives up to my expectations. I am old enough to remember the first movie and game for original #Nintendo



The new #Robocop should be named IronCop.


Julia Alexander:

Twitter: #RoboCop trailer is here, omgomgomgomg. Twitter 2:24 minutes later: Ugh, ew.



Remaking #RoboCop! Are you serious!? You making him look like Batman!!! You should just call the BatMoboCop! Lol, jk


Ras Cal Ghoul:

New #RoboCop trailer looks interesting. Except the guy who plays title character. Then again, any robot would’ve done the job.


Logan Elliot:

And why is it that most of the people complaining about how it won’t be as good were toddlers when the original #RoboCop came out?


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