Last week, the Asian Premiere of the second installment of the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movies was held here in Manila. SM Cinemas and Ayala Malls held an invitation-only red-carpet/meet and greet with cast members Takeru Satoh, Emi Takei, Munataka Aoki, and director Keishi Ohtomo.
I hate stating the obvious, but I’m saying it anyway: when Filipino fans found out the actors playing their favorite characters and the director who successfully created a live action film out of one of the most kickass animes of the ‘90s were coming over to Manila, they were beyond excited.
I know because I was one of them. And it was a roller coaster ride of emotions. So, let me take you through 8 emotions unleashed in us by this one single visit:

You can’t even. Oh. My. God. They’re premiering the movie here? In Manila? Di nga?! Promise?! Weh!?
(Oo nga!)

It’s confeermed that they’re coming here, but the events are by invite only. You must be there, breathing the same air as Takeru Satoh. No matter what. They need to know that you exist! You join every contest, and you call everyone you know who can give you a blessing from the sky.
Congratulations, your hard work paid off!

You must show your RK expertise because, you know, ultimate fan. Review of related literature (writeups, blogs, news articles) check. Re-watch all 90+ episodes of the anime plus the OAVs and the first movie? Check. Gather your memorabilia, check.
You play all opening and ending themes on loop.
May exam?

You need to show your ultimate otaku-ness. Where did you store your kimono / yukata? You think about coming in costume so they see how just how dedicated a fan you are.
Also, you realise you have callado hands. You can’t touch Takeru and friends with dry skin. Must moisturise. Hour by hour.

How can you sleep when you’re seeing them tomorrow?! You can’t have eye bags when you selfie with them!!!

Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. So when Sam Oh and you make eye contact during the press conference, and she motions for you to approach the mic, you just go for it!! So you’re not in the list of people pre-approved to ask questions? You ask anyway and apologise later.

You wear that childlike smile plastered on your face the entire time the actors and director are on stage talking. And throughout the screening of the movie. Of course it looks stupid on a grownup, but who cares? Everyone around you are wearing it too. Solidarity, yo!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhh!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Insert all forms of onomatopoeic fanscream words here.
You’ve always considered yourself a die-hard fan. But now you’re a die-hard fan without poise.
Mass hysterium ad infinitum.
Haven’t had enough? Here are more juicy details about what went down at the press conference.
Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno screens in all SM and Ayala Cinemas on 20 August 2014. What feels are you experiencing as we approach the showing of this film? Share in the Comments Section below.

Roselynn Jane Chan Villa

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