The holiday season isn’t the best time for single people. Not if you’re spending most of it dodging why-are-you-still-singles and you-should-meet-Tito-Boyet’s-son-he’s-an-accountants from your nosy titas. Not if you’re the third—or seventh—wheel at Christmas dinners. Most of all, not if you’ll be left all alone while your coupled friends do their couple-y Christmas things and give each other their couple-y presents.

You shouldn’t feel too bad. It’s just half a month’s worth of seasonal affective loneliness. It’s all an illusion—a sparkly, tinsel-framed mist of commercially-induced joy. You don’t have to be sad. Relationships are hard work. Sometimes, they’re even harder than being alone—any time of the year.

So here, we got you 8 beautiful movies that shatter the illusion. Love isn’t all that. Say no to #FOMO!

Also, Merry Christmas!


Timing is everything. Seriously.


This isn’t very original, but: oh, it’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.


Where’s the tissue? Get the tissue!


People are fickle. Love is fickle. Life is fickle. What are we doing here? What is the meaning of life?


Being lost isn’t so bad.


“In love you can’t bring on a substitute.”


Chances are, you won’t find what you’re looking for.


Life is futile. Love isn’t.


Because most of the time, fantasy is better than real life.

P.S. You’ll be fine.

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