We’ve seen this Korean cutie from her Star Circle Quest days here in the Philippines to her rise as a member of the well-loved K-Pop group 2NE1. Apart from singing, dancing, modeling and acting, most of us have also known her for her cute and funny antics.
Sandara Park has always been adored for her innocent and youthful charm and many people actually forget the fact that she’s already turning 30 this year (her Korean age is 31)!
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Although she’s now undoubtedly at the peak of her career, impressing millions of people around the world, and earning millions of money at the same time, we all know that Dara is still our sweet old Sandy. The perky, lovable, and “Pambansang Krung-Krung,” Sandy. And here are eight more things that make her special and extraordinary.
Yes, you’ve read it right–PPG as in the popular cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls. But here’s a funny story: during an interview for Star Circle Quest about her life story, she said: “My barkada’s name is PPG which means pokpok girls. Ay joke, Powerpuff girls.” So what is it, really, Dara? Although since she mentioned that her barkada was conservative, Powerpuff Girls definitely sounds more apt for them than, well, pokpok girls.
Dara may have millions of loyal fans now but she is a self-confessed fangirl herself. She is a big fan of Korean pop superstar Lee Hyori, and even admits being a member of the solo singer’s fan café. In fact, in an episode of SBS Family Outing, she showed a fan letter that she wrote to her idol and admitted that she even carried melons from the Philippines to Korea for her “Hyori-unnie” (ate Hyori).
Apart from her favorite fast-food chain, Jollibee, Dara has always been very vocal of her love for Gerry’s Grill. She has uploaded photos of herself eating at Gerry’s Grill, treating YG dancers to a scrumptious meal there, and has also admitted to bringing Bigbang to the restaurant’s branch in Tagaytay after the boyband’s concert here in Manila. Furthermore, there were also several instances of her telling her Twitter followers how much she loves the said place, even dubbing it her “forever favorite restaurant.”
Even 2NE1 members aren’t excused from this rule. There was one time when Dara really had to delete one of the members’ number from her phone. But guess what? She knows all their contact details by heart anyway. Good job, Dara.
To think that a single serving of ramyun is full of sodium, saturated fat, and other unhealthy ingredients! Well, perhaps there are times when it just gets really hard to resist the guilty pleasure of gulping a hot and spicy ramyun, especially during cold season. Even so, Dara generally practices a healthy lifestyle anyway.
Dear Dara, I am giving you permission (more like begging you) to take my phone while I am not looking and change my background photo to your selfie.
She’s scared of flying. One time, while on a plane together, Bom kiddingly told Dara that one of the plane’s wings is broken. Of course Bom was just kidding, but she didn’t realize things got really serious until Dara was already shaking in fear. And to think they have to travel a lot for their job!
Dara as a crab? Dara as a hotdog? Why not?! We’ve seen various pictures of her in these weird and funny costumes. It may look silly on other people, but when it’s Dara wearing it, it’s definitely cute and adorable!
Want to see more of the Pambansang Krung-Krung? Catch 2NE1’s All Or Nothing World Tour this Saturday, May 17, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Post your love for Dara in the Comments Section!

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