[buffer by=0 id="bar2"]Let us review what we need to review about our favorite Sanrio characters.[/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]8. Pochacco was born during a leap year. His birthday is on February 29.[/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]7. Tuxedo Sam owns a collection of 365 bowties.[/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]6. Monkichi can eat ten bananas in one minute.[/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]5. Zashikibuta lives in a countryside in France.[/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]4. Lala, the sister, is older than Kiki, the brother, of the Little Twin Stars.[/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]3. Kerokerokeroppi's favorite food is onigiri (rice balls).[/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]2. Bad Badtz-Maru was born on April 1, or April Fool’s Day. [/buffer]

[buffer by=0 id="bar"]1. Dear Daniel knows how to dance ballet.[/buffer]


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