omen with boyfriends/husbands who like shopping as much as they do are lucky. These are a rare breed of creatures who can handle hours and hours of walking, fitting,  and crazy trap questions like “Do I look fat?!”
There are no daycare centers (at least not yet) for grown men, so here are 8 places where you can put yours while you’re Christmas shopping.

These couches are actually for trying on shoes, but OK, your can be excused.
If not being with them while you’re shopping is not possible, tell them to go to the nearest mall arcade where they can play games. Like teenage boys.

If you’re the clingy type and want to be with him in the duration of the mall stay, you can let him stay with you in the dressing room and play with an addicting game on a tablet/smartphone while you try on the clothes. Game suggestions: Game Dev Story (tablet/smartphone), The Sims 2 (tablet/smartphone) , and Disney Tsum Tsum (smartphone).

This is a great way to keep them busy. Just make sure that they don’t go overboard–they still have to help you carry those bags!

Going shopping in a place that has an outdoor area? Investing in an inflatable  bouncy castle could be a very wise decision. Simply because jumping is fun. Tell him to bring his friends!

And do the Rocking Chair Therapy (yes, this idea exists. Find out more here).

If they want to sleep, might as well do it in style.

Who says that having a party in broad daylight is not possible? If your man likes alcohol but has a hard time going with you to all them shopping sprees, this is the answer. This is the answer to everything.


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