here are a lot of important numbers on everyone’s speed dial, or numbers we always keep in mind, regardless of what happens. Here are probably 8 of the most important ones we really should be keeping in mind, in varying degrees of importance.

Why It’s Important: Don’t look now, but couples have such little faith in standing the test of time nowadays that they celebrate monthsaries with about as much zeal as actual anniversaries. It’s insane, but save yourself the aggravation by not forgetting it.
Alternatives: Your significant other’s landline and cellphone. Just saving them in your address book won’t cut it.

Why It’s Important: That’s how many years it has been since the NU Bulldogs won a title in Men’s Basketball in the UAAP. 50 years. Not even UP has room to complain when you look at it that way.
Alternatives: 1. That’s how many wins it takes for UP to throw a bonfire celebration, apparently.

Why It’s Important: This is the average life expectancy rate for Filipinos.

Why It’s Important: That’s the number of lawmakers you need to convince to pass a bill in the lower house, currently. There are presently 292 representatives in Congress, and you need a majority vote to pass a law.
Alternatives: You obviously need 13 votes in the Senate to pass a bill in the upper house.

Why It’s Important: This will come in handy in cases like class suspensions and other important announcements. Sure, news networks usually post ahead of everyone else, but some school administrations sometimes have their own rules, and being updated on them is always helpful.
Alternatives: The number of a teacher/professor—but only if they agree to do out-of-school business with you
Why It’s Important: This is integral to a lot of transactions you will be making, as your Social Security Number is essentially your best way to identify yourself as an individual, since not everyone travels (Passport), drives (Driver’s License), or are registered voters (Voter’s ID). However, every adult at one point or another has to avail of SSS or GSIS, unless they are massive tax cheats or eternally unemployed.
Alternatives: Your passport number, or other similar identification numbers you use.

Why It’s Important: In case of an emergency, 117 is your first line of defense. It’s three numbers, and very, very easy to remember.
Alternatives: 723-0401 is the Hotline Patrol of the PNP National Headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

Why It’s Important: This is the single-access you need to remember to choose and subscribe to Smart Prepaid’s array of call, text and data offers. Unlike the rest of numbers on this list, this one is very easy to recall—forget memorizing an endless stream of 3- or 4-digit codes, this one consolidates everything, and it goes with a catchy jingle, too!  Check this out for more information!
For example, you can dial *121# to quickly subscribe to Smart Prepaid Unli Call 20 (unlimited calls to Smart and Talk ‘N Text, unlimited Twitter, 20 all-net SMS and 15mb of mobile surfing).
Alternatives: Absolutely nothing. But maybe checking out this video would serve as an alternative way to understand what this is all about!


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