The Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony at Sochi, Russia was a parade of the best and the downright fugly. (The Philippines, however, has a lone athlete representing the country in the Men’s Figure Skating competition, check him out here.)

Putin, the violent homophobic Russian leader got the world’s baklas backlash via the rainbow coalition of radioactive colors worn by openly gay athletes at the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Games.

It was sapin sapin shades of sporty outerwear. But as in all Olympics there will be sure winners and sore losers. Why you ask? Because the designers were either talented with high style or were wanna-bes with bad taste.

Here are the eye popping hues of a bahaghari or the color wheel of contrasts and contradictions. We begin with the chaka then the chic.


The standard bearer of each country’s name was a white out, ’60s Courrèges knock offs with the missing Anastasia’s crown.


Bermuda shorts and flip-flops were a laughable flop. With the freezing winds, did the male athletes suffer from frost bite and blue balls? In fashion, the climate is the first consideration the comfort, the designer obviously had a lobotomy before cutting class.


The white fur trim and belted red velvet made me think of Mrs. Claus in her youth. Knowing the world would be watching, this designer left a Christmas aftertaste in my mouth.


The designer meant to give the finger to Putin via the gay pride flag but ended empty handed. I call these vomit colors and silhouettes that made the contingent look like sex-crazed smurfs.


Patch work and insignia make this US team both patriotic and warm in quilted parkas and anoraks. Sporty chic design by the great Ralph Lauren.


Contrary to popular belief, it is red and green are direct contrasting colors in the color wheel. Not non-colors black and white. It is enhanced by memorable sleek line and theory that happy and crisp. Perfect harmony of form following function.


The Fashion jury is hung on this one. Some say it is funny, some found it corny, I like a statement and print so I found this a 50-50. Your choice on this one. The designer was pushing for tropical punch line. Original and witty?


Just like the men’s cardigan and sweat pants by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. This is a classic. Very fashionable and noble. The white trim is just right. This look deserves a gold medal.


What were your favorite looks at Sochi 2014? Post them in the Comments Section.

Larry Leviste

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