Apparently, we celebrate everything now. There’s a feast for every saint. There’s a holiday for every significant birthday or death anniversary in history. There’s even a special day for all sorts of food items. And because we know this usually means restaurants specializing in that food item will join in on the fun, here are 8 of those dates, in case you want to nudge your favorite restaurant to giving you a little extra something special on their holiday.

Celebrated On: July 20

Let’s just hope these cakes aren’t, well, overpriced.


Celebrated On: Every first Friday of August

Considering we already celebrate October as beer month here, this extra day on August just seems like overkill.


Celebrated On: November 29

Chocolate! End of discussion.


Celebrated On: Every 3rd Sunday of July, or December 13

Well, whaddya know? Ice Cream has two days set aside for it, one of them made via US presidential declaration in 1984!


Celebrated On: February 9

If you’re single, or if you aren’t but you grew up on the Ninja Turtles, forget about Valentine’s Day and celebrate Pizza Day five days before, instead. A pizza wouldn’t need flowers and chocolates, for sure, and even if it makes a mess, nobody’s gonna judge you when they clean up after.


Celebrated On: May 28

Most burger places here already celebrate this. Just keep an eye out on the last week of May, because they normally offer insane discounts on burgers during this time period. Half off, buy one take one, free toppings, it’s all there.


Celebrated On: October 1

If you’re a fan of Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or any of your regular hipster designer cafes out there, make sure to remind them on October 1 that they should offer something a little special on that day, like maybe liberating the poor African coffee growers they refuse to grant patents to, or something.


Celebrated On: The Saturday before US Labor Day, which is normally the first Monday of September. Specifically, that’s August 30 this year.

If you have a love for this notoriously tasty but unhealthy breakfast item, August is your chance to thank your lucky stars for bacon!

Tim Henares

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