synopsis of the box office hit “Talk Back and You’re Dead”–a Pinoy rom-com/action movie starring James Reid, Nadine Lustre and Joseph Marco–allegedly posted by Ayala Cinemas is currently making rounds on social media.
It looks like your typical movie promotion, but if you read closer, you’ll discover that it’s very…Engrish.

But come on, guys, let us not judge hastily! Maybe the writer is trying to send us a message. Maybe there’s something more to this. Here are 8 possible interpretations.

8. It’s a test. The person who approved it wanted to see if people still read.

7. Writer and editor got into a serious fight.

6. Writer was stoned and/or drunk.

5. It is the synopsis of the pirated version of the movie.

4. It is a marketing ploy.

Is this why it’s now a box office hit?!

3. This is how they’re ALL going to talk in the movie. For two straight hours.

2. It’s a preview of the upcoming book “How Not to Write.”

1. Aliens


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