We’ve already seen this year’s batch of trending technology: wearable gadgets, 3D printing, immersive multimedia, space flights, Internet of everything, synthetic biology, and robotics. But, how do we actually want these innovations to take shape in the country? We’ve stretched our imagination and came up with a list of ways futuristic tech can help uplift the Filipino’s way of life.
Free Internet for everyone means public access to useful information anywhere, anytime. Singapore has it to prevent digital divide among citizens and create equal opportunities to all. We can have it too! It can be a rad tool for native empowerment.
Using ultrasound technology, tech startup uBeam made battery charging over Wi-Fi possible. If this hits the local stores this year, it would definitely be an awesome combo to ubiquitous hotspot!
While it’s still best to leave our kids to actual human beings, having helper drones to assist us in accomplishing small parental errands, like sterilizing baby bottles and making milk, wouldn’t hurt. Plus, children would love it because they’re robots! The kids might even associate doing chores with fun and play if they grow up with a yaya drone!
We badly need this. It sounds impossible because it’s hard to measure and predict traffic, but with Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s traffic-tracking technology, it can be done. This kind of system can positively help commuters plan their day better.
Early this year, Google Street View Philippines together with Department of Tourism inaugurated a virtual trip to one of Manila’s most historic places—Intramuros. Now, imagine going to Puerto Princesa’s magical underground river, or to eight-wonder-of-the-world Banaue rice terraces without leaving your computer. It’s not only amazing, but also a boost for Philippine tourism.
VR Museo Pambata, anyone? VR tours can be a cool way to introduce field trip destinations to students. Giving them a glimpse of what to expect during the trip can not only excite them, but also help them prep for the trip so they can maximize their visit.
Right? Millions of Pinoy immigrants and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) around the world along with their families staying in the Philippines will be overjoyed if Skype comes with killer virtual reality 3D glasses, for it can keep domestic ties tight despite continental distances. Of course, this can’t really replace an actual hug or a soulful eye contact, but it can definitely reduce homesickness, which is reported to cause OFW suicide.
We may seem resilient amidst the devastation of natural calamities, but the psychological and emotional blows of these things don’t go away as quickly and easily as we all think. Scientifically proven to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD), VR medication can help put survivors in a healthy path to recovery.
How else can technology improve our country? Post your thoughts in the Comments Section.

Czyka Tumaliuan

Czyka Tumaliuan juggles corporate hustle with freelance writing, custom catering and motherhood. She works as an eLearning specialist for multinational IT company Trend Micro.

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