Pinoys sure love their birds, so much so that someone even made a few Pinoy Angry Birds. Now some theater folk have even made a musical based on birds, too.

Triumphant Peoples Evangelistic Theatre Society (Trumpets) is staging “The Bluebird of Happiness” from Sept. 27-Oct. 20 at Meralco Theater.

Here are 8 reasons why you should watch the show.

8. Trumpets’ big musical comeback
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The three-year absence from local boards is already too long. See why hungry fans want it to be the Mariah Carey and Robert Downey Jr. of Pinoy theater.


7. For the whole family
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No vulgar nor offensive scenes; only inspiring messages.


6. Beautiful music by RonyFortich
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Guaranteed to have singable tunes. You will leave the theater with a melody in your head and a song in your heart.

5. Witty lines and touching lyrics by Jaime del Mundo
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He’s the brains behind lines like “Pleasure and strife are all part of life’s buffet” and “When you have faith, dawn always breaks.” Discover a whole lot more in the show.


4. Fun merchandise after the show.
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Ticket holders are entitled to special discounts to Bluebird merchandise.


3. Colorful characters
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Interesting creatures for you to relate to. Are you a feisty cat, a faithful dog, discontented sister, dark villain or guiding light?


2. Proudly Filipino
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If you can afford to buy tickets to foreign shows, you can definitely support this original musical based on a Belgian play,created by Filipinos whose talent is recognized here and abroad.

1.A reminder of an important truth
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Sometimes we need not go too far to find true happiness. Sometimes it is just under our noses, staring us straight in the eye and all we need to do is to learn how to recognize it.

Tito Leimas

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