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This is a list dedicated to all the future dads who are waiting in anticipation for their little bundle of joy. Here is a checklist to help keep you busy while waiting for that big day.

So, how far is she into the pregnancy? First trimester? OK good. The "Babymoon" was invented by women who want to take that one last big vacation before both of you become parents. This trip is usually done sometime during the second trimester as it is generally safer to fly at this point in the pregnancy. Beach trips and degustation sojourns (aka "lamon") are on top of the list as you can't really do anything overly adventurous like climb a mountain or go SCUBA diving.
Dear future dad: take it. You won't regret having gone on a trip like this because when the baby comes, your life will change. Forever.

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/8-babymoon.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]8. There's this new fad called the "Babymoon"[/text_image]

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/7-obgyn-sonology.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]7. To save time, look for an OB/GYN who is ALSO a sonologist (the one who does the ultrasound)"[/text_image]

Less experienced couples thought these were one and the same. But it's not. Imagine having to go to Hospital A to line up and have a sonologist perform an ultrasound. Then run to Hospital B to meet your OB. Since the ultrasound person isn't your doctor she won't be able to give critical advice to you nor answer your questions. "Mukang OK naman mam!" is the typical answer you'll get. At the very least, having one doctor that does both allows you to get instant feedback on how your baby is doing. And not have to line up twice.

When he (or she) grows up, he will have an easier time at the NBI if his name doesn't match that of a wanted criminal (a "hit") somewhere in the country. Also, a unique name will make his identity easy to filter through in Google searches or whatever the search engine or social network exists 15 years from now.

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/6-nbi-name.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]6. Think of a baby name that won't give your kid a hard time with getting a NBI clearance in the future. The name should also be Google-friendly.(the one who does the ultrasound)[/text_image]

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/5-instagram-baby.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]5. Think of an Instagram hashtag for filing purposes[/text_image]

Probably something like #CuteCuteNamanThisLusogBoy
Trust us, you will need this in the future when your wife feels the need to print all the baby photos. Simply enter the unique hashtag which nobody else owns so you can have these photos printed easily.

It's true. Just do a quick hover over the social media profiles of  your friends who just had a baby. From a certain period onward, it is all just baby photos.
It's not just advice that they can give. Onesies for 1-3 month old babies, car seats, bumbo chairs and other baby paraphernalia usually make the rounds between friends since their kids are at varying age differences and hence have different needs.

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/4-daddy-barkada-baby.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]4. Compile a list of friends and family who are also expecting kids or have children within the same age bracket of 2-3 years. Most likely, that will become your new 'barkada.'[/text_image]

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/3-caesarian-baby.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]3. Even if you are expecting a normal delivery, save money for a Caesarian[/text_image]

Probably the best advice given to most breadwinners, when budgeting for childbirth always ask the hospital how much the rate is for a Caesarian delivery. It will definitely be more expensive, but you will never know what sort of complications will arrive when **the hour** comes.

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2-nursery-song.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]2. Start your media collection of nursery songs (for wake time and sleep time) as well as children's audiobooks which you can play over and over in your nursery[/text_image]

A lot of the cassette tapes from our childhood (like The Sesame Street Collection) have been remastered into digital formats. There's also the compilation of children's storybooks (surprisingly, irreverent comedian George Carlin is the narrator for Thomas the Train!) which you can find all over the place--and don't forget the Disney collection of songs. For your growing child, don't do the storybooks on the iPad just yet or even expose them to TV. It's much better to just leave ambient music that changes depending on the time of day to help your little one adjust.
Also, future dad, it's going to be your fun job to compile and segregate it into your MP3 player.

[text_image img="https://8list.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/1-push.jpgt-baby.jpg" width="100%" type="subheading"]1. Prepare a PUSH.jpgT[/text_image]

Yet another scam brought about by the female species, the PUSH.jpgT is basically a guilt trip that happens a few days after you've all settled down with your new bundle of joy.
She said: "I gave you a child! What have you given me?!"
It's usually jewelry by the way.

What other things can make your expecting wife hate you a little less during labor? Post your tips in the Comments Section below.
This list was originally posted on July 10, 2013.

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