I’m sure many of you have been to Boracay, marveled at the fine white sand, swam in its clear blue waters, drank till you dropped (or not, in case your nameplate is up at Cocomangas’ 15 And Still Standing), rode all the water rides or went island-hopping on a paraw.
However, you are missing a lot if you haven’t done these 8 non-mainstream things to do when you’re in Boracay and it’s all free from Mother Nature!

Of course you’ve seen the sunset and taken tons of pictures of it at the beach, but when the sun goes down and dusk falls, look up—you’ll see a flock of fruit bats flying overhead, they’re an endangered species called the Golden Crowned Flying Foxes. There’s only around 2,000 of them left in the island.

Speaking of the sun setting, another awesome sight would be the moon rising! Just go to Bulabog Beach, that’s the opposite side of the island, you’re in for a treat especially on a full moon.

Early risers and bird lovers should watch out for exotic birds around the island. There have been more than 20 exotic bird species sighted in the island including the Bleeding Heart, Asian Koel, Black-naped Oriole, Blue Rock Thrush, and many more!

Have you tried night-swimming at the beach? You should see the bioluminescent planktonsiIt lights up when you move through the water. Don’t forget to bring your under-water camera!

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If you go on a unexpectedly rainy day, don’t be sad. Go to the water and float on your back and look at the rain while it falls on your face. (Warning: don’t try this during a storm.)

Get to know the local people in the island, Boracaynons are one of the gentlest and humblest people I know. Listen to their stories of how the island was many years ago when there was no electricity, no traffic, no McDonald’s.

Visit the indigenous Aeta Community of the island and learn how to make coconut leaf balls. They are the original settlers of Boracay and Aklan.

After seeing all of nature’s.jpgt to us, it is but fitting to give back by cleaning up the beach. Pick up any trash you see littered on the beach and feel good about yourself.
What are your favorite non-touristy things to do in Boracay? Post them in the Comments Section

Anna T Suanco

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