here were many things that I assumed would occur after I got married but reality turned out to be something totally different. Here are some of my experiences.

Just because you you’d been going out with each other for a long time before you got married, you think you already know him inside and out?

There will definitely be small quirks that you used to find adorable but eventually find irritating. You might have had a glimpse of his super neat bedroom or pad when he was still a bachelor but now you can’t understand why he keeps on leaving his dirty clothes on the floor, just beside the hamper. Duh.


Before I got married, I imagined all the shopping I could do with twice the budget! I was wrong. Combined income also meant combined expenses.

How would I know that his phone bill could get that high when I’m the only person he calls, right? Combined income also means that you have to be more responsible when spending since you’re also using up his money, not just yours. It’s difficult to justify that expensive pair of shoes that you purchased because you were PMS-ing.


Before I got married, I thought we’d have sex all the time. But noooo. After the honeymoon period, one or even both of you won’t be in the mood sometimes! You will eventually get preoccupied with a lot of other things. But sex will surely get better as time goes by because practice makes perfect, right?!


A lot of freaking work. After the wedding, I expected the “happily ever after” part. At the start of the marriage, there are a lot of expectations.

When these expectations are not met, that’s the time the arguments comes. It won’t be easy. You both have to align your expectations and prepare for a lot of compromising, understanding, giving and taking and all other -ings you can think of.


My husband used to think that my shopping habit was adorable until we started living together and he couldn’t find closet space anymore for his clothes. My shopping became annoying for him.

I used to think that his clinking of his spoon and fork while eating was adorable. Now, it annoys the hell out of me.


Wrong! I’m one of the lucky few who have great in-laws. However, I have friends who aren’t as lucky and this is one of the sources of their marital woes.

There are two solutions here. Master the art of getting along with his family or be deadma. If they annoy the hell out of you, don’t mind them. Just always remember, the most important thing here is what you and your husband have. Period.


With all the things that will be happening in and out of the marriage, it should be a requirement for every married couple to go out of the house at least every other week.

In these date nights, you have to agree with each other that you will only talk about yourselves and not about anything else.


You’ll be the center of his universe, his everything — until your baby girl arrives. Enough said.


What other things did you realize only after you got married? Let’s discuss in the Comments Section.


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