et’s face it. Men are not as meticulous in fashion as women. That’s an overwhelming fact. Intrinsically, we, men, like to tinker with toys such as cars, video games, and motorcycles. We have the tendency to hedge our testosterone on things that don’t concern our looks and our outward appearance, in a deliberate effort to mask our stupidity in looking good. In short, we are insecure, but we don’t know how to address it. Gone are the days of cavemen, unshaven and rugged. Women of the present have tipped the scales and increased men’s headaches through their beyond-the-wall standards (which is highly justifiable, in my opinion).
Now, men have traded sand-blasted, baggy jeans with well tailored chinos and slim fit polo shirts. We are in a revolution of sorts, and it’s up to us, men, to evolve. Here are 8 tips in choosing your style.

To all thug-life wearing homies out there, I AM NOT BERATING YOUR FASHION STYLE. In fact, I’m improving on it. Wearing over-sized shirts and baggy pants can still work for some people if fashion dictates it. Just make sure that sloppiness doesn’t get confused with simplicity and ruggedness. Wearing over-sized shirts should be paired correctly with the right genre of shoes (Nike SB, anyone?)

An outfit includes things you wear in your upper and lower torso, not only in your feet. Some men tend to overdo their shoes to cover-up their lackluster shirt and faded jeans. Guys, it’s okay to invest in a good pair of shoes, but never forget that the first thing noticeable about us is what we wear on our upper and lower torso. Try mixing up a good pair of slacks and a decent polo shirt with, at least, no holes in it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love black. The idea of using it as a safety option when you are too lazy to pick a shirt, however, is a very lame excuse. Try mixing colors in your wardrobe. Wearing jeans is God’s gift to men. We can pair almost any color with jeans. Just don’t forget to match it with your shoes and your accessories. Warning: Over-zealous color combinations can lead to public ridicule then straight to fashion jail, without any chance of parole.

Simplicity is a very good word for us guys. It allows us to spend on fashion with a limited budget. It also eliminates our headaches in picking the design of our apparel. Mixing chinos with a tucked-in polo shirt and a belt matching the color of your leather shoes is already a good outfit for a Sunday mass or lunch. Picking the color of your outfit becomes less and less nauseating when mixed with a simple pair of jeans or brown pants. Monotone shirts could be easily mixed with your jeans, and can be easily layered with a decent jacket or sweater, which creates a shift from a casual look to a semi-casual/semi-formal.

On the other hand, investing on expensive brands can also be advantageous for us men. We have the tendency to reuse our outfit in spite of it being out-of-season, primarily because we use timeless shirts and pants. Levi’s jeans and Lacoste polo shirts will never fade out of style, solely due to their simplicity and practicality. And let’s face it, we wear our favorite shirts and jeans over and over again up until it can be used as a rag to clean our car. SO, it is important to buy clothes that will not evaporate the moment you place them in the washing machine.

Cardinal rule in fashion: good in your eyes doesn’t equate to good in other people’s eyes. Remember, fashion is an art form. And every art form requires an audience. People will like or hate your clothes, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t scrutinize yourself beforehand. There are certain designs that go well with others, but my personal rule is: Don’t be too loud. If you’re already wearing a loud-colored or designed shirt, then mix it up with plain jeans or monotone pants. The key is to know when you’re already going overboard with your combinations.

This is good news for all men around the world. That is correct, gentlemen, WE CAN KEEP ALL OF OUR OUT-OF-FASHION clothes and reuse them. Because sooner or later, they will come back in fashion. Patience is the key for the wise and thrifty-bordering-stingy young man. That’s why investing in clothes with good fabric can be advantageous in the long run. Prime example: Skinny jeans and penguin polo shirts.

As I said in number 6, Fashion has an audience. DO NOT BE STUBBORN. It is highly likely that other people know more about you. Why? Because they are the ones looking at your clothes. Information revolution and the strengthening of media prowess have allowed everyone to hone their eye for fashion. Nowadays, everyone’s an expert. Which means, there is no escape from critics. THUS, opening your mind (and heart) to suggestions, comments…and well…violent reactions will guide you in “wazing” through your conundrums in your daily wardrobe.
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Michael Avanceña

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