Whether you’re gearing up for long-term travel or are going on holiday for just one weekend, your toiletry kit will benefit from going minimalist. Ladies, I understand the perils of trying to squeeze all your vanity necessities into one purse. To keep your kikay kit from eating up your luggage weight, heed these packing tips:
It’s actually more expensive to buy toiletries in travel sizes, so just buy reusable TSA-approved containers and fill them up with your favorite products that you already have at home.
Environmentalists will argue that sachets clog up the waste system, but hear me out: I don’t buy sachets regularly, but I keep the samples I get for free from events and malls. The best time to use these light, one-time use sachets is when traveling. Just make sure you dispose your garbage properly; we don’t want to see sachets lining up the beaches.
To save space, use beauty products that serve more than just one purpose. For example: lip and cheek tints for a daily flush of color; petroleum jelly to heal chapped lips, dry skin, scratches, and blisters; and organic coconut oil as hair treatment, body moisturizer, and makeup remover. Contrary to popular belief, those made-for-travel compact makeup kits aren’t always practical, especially if you aren’t going to use all the colors on the palette.
With a full itinerary, now’s not the time to experiment with new palettes and beauty products. When traveling, bring only your tried-and-tested makeup colors that can go from day to night and basic toiletries that you really need.light-toiletry-photo-4
Most product containers are heavier than the actual content, so pack toiletries with lightweight containers that won’t eat up luggage weight. Beauty loot to leave at home: huge spray cans, heavy perfume bottles, and fancy glass containers.
Pack items that you’re ready to lose or get rid of anytime during the trip. Anything can happen while traveling, so don’t fret when you lose or break certain items along the way. Throw away almost-empty products before you fly back home to save up on space. Remember: real jetsetters (or backpackers, if you prefer the more hipster term) learn to live with less.
Once you’ve bottled up your own liquid and cream products, place them in a secure Ziploc to prevent potential spills that may happen while your luggage gets tossed around. Reuse your Ziploc for other contingencies, such as stashing accessories or used underwear.
For some, a Ziploc already counts as the main bag for your kikay kit, but if you’d still like to store your toiletries into one cohesive container, choose one that’s made of soft and lightweight materials. Leave the pretty crystal jewelry boxes and clunky storage containers at home.
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