One of this year’s hippest and most-anticipated music festivals is nearing, and since it will happen in an island far from every metro guy or gal’s comfort zones, here’s a quick rundown of the stuff you need to know before packing your bags and heading there.

Get ready to bask in sunlight, save up your energy to dance, and enjoy the five-day spectacle that is Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival.


Since this year’s Malasimbo line-up will attract a huge number of music lovers for five straight days (February 28 to March 3), booking a room on the spot might be a gamble not worth betting on.

Though there are some unadvertised rooms that might cost cheaper than the ones you’ll find online, booking through sites like Agoda or directly through the websites of the hotels as early as now will save you the trouble of walking with your backpacks trying to find rooms.

There is also the option of camping out inside the premises of the venue at P500 a night, with hammocks for rent if you don’t own a tent. If going for this closer-to-nature option, be sure to bring a sturdy tent, thick blankets and a bottle of mosquito repellent.


Take the bus going to Batangas Pier (best time to leave is at 6AM). Ride either in the Cubao or Buendia terminals, with tickets costing between P250 to 300. Once at the pier, purchase round-trip outrigger boat tickets (P450 to 500) to White Beach, or Muelle Pier, depending on where you will stay. The first boat trip to the islands (40 to 45 minutes) is around 9:30, with the last one scheduled at 3PM.

Note that Mt. Malasimbo is roughly 8 to 10 minutes away from the beaches, so you will have to ride one of the “Malasimbo” marked jeepneys at the main roads opposite the shores.


During daytime, before all the events begin, it’s best to bum around the beaches; either in White Beach, Sabang, Tamaraw or Talipanan. Sunblock, swimwear and shades in your travel bag are a must.

Though getting sloshed by the shore is one of the greatest things in life, be sure to not be too drunk before the events start. You don’t want to pass out while a headliner is playing, do you? There are bars in the event, so you won’t run out of beers and other mixed drinks, anyway.


Think you can survive the entire trip with just bikinis and crocheted dresses? The natural amphitheater situated in Mt. Malasimbo can get way chilly at nights, so at least bring a scarf, a hoodie or a jacket.

A sarong or a towel can also act as your bed spread for the event, when it’s not time to dance yet.


On Friday, Low Leaf, Mark De Clive-Lowe and Jungle Boys will hit the stage. Saturday will give you all the hip swayers: Robert Glasper Experiment, Roy Ayers, Lonnie Liston Smith, Omar and June Marieezy.

On Sunday, it will get a little gentle-yet-groovy with Jose Gonzales, Goodleaf and Mishka Adams. Monday will bring in dub and reggae thanks to Mad Professor, in celebration of Mindoro’s cultural heritage.

There are more artists that have yet to be announced, which will make the trip all the more exciting and worth it.


The partying in Malasimbo can get pretty wild, and it’s not impossible to lose your belongings while you jump up and down and dance all night. Leave your IDs and boat tickets in your rooms, and take only the money you’re willing to spend.

Tying your room keys with a string and wearing it as a necklace will also lessen the risk of losing it and being forced to sleep outside.


There aren’t many ATM machines in Mindoro, but based on last year’s event, there are some situated at the entrance of the venue.

Still, it never hurts to be sure; those can go offline just when you’re ready to get some cash. Withdraw the amount you think you will need during your entire trip while you’re still in the city.


Malasimbo doesn’t only offer great music and raise environmental awareness in Mindoro , the event also showcases fascinating artworks from many different artists, and different installations decorate the venue in an enthralling set-up.

Be sure to walk around and revel in such visual delight, while an eargasmic audio sensation fills the night. Be friendly and meet new friends who share the same passions as you, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to have fun as if it’s your first and last time attending the festival.

Tip: upon arriving at the venue, set a “rendezvous spot” for you and your friends in case someone cannot be reached due to unexpected drunken stupors.

Have fun at the festival!


Are you ready for Malasimbo? Hit us up in the Comments Section if you have other tips!

Camille Banzon

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