Cupcakes! There’s a new cupcake place in the country and it’s called Twelve Cupcakes. The Singapore-born cupcakery opened last month in SM City BF. We couldn’t resist. So we checked the place out and here are our top 8 favorites from their sumptuous collection.

Strawberry Chocolate

This chocolate cupcake is topped with a strawberry-infused buttercream frosting. And by strawberry we mean the fruit, not the essence/preserves/etc.

Cookies and Cream

For Oreo lovers, this cupcake is perfect for you. It’s not too sweet and not too creamy. It will remind you of the joy you felt when you cracked a cookie open to eat the filling for the first time.

Vanilla Chocolate

If you want your cupcake straightforward(ly good) with no frills.

Chocolate Chocolate

Okay, so imagine chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate frosting topped with chocolate balls. Now, drool.


If you like your coffee with (or in) your dessert, this mocha cupcake has a coffee bits-infused sponge with chocolate cream cheese frosting. The combo is just insane.

PB Chocolate

Twelve Cupcakes makes amazingly smooth peanut butter frosting. Put that on a moist, rich chocolate cupcake and you’ll feel like the happiest (if not the most well-fed) kid in the cafeteria.

PB Jelly

Speaking of feeling like a kid again, there’s nothing like PB & J. Nothing!

Red Velvet

Twelve Cupcakes’ best-selling cupcake features a classic red velvet cake frosted with the fluffiest cream cheese frosting. This cupcake’s flavors are amazingly balanced—we think it’s the best we’ve tried.
Twelve Cupcakes has stores in SM City BF, SM Mall of Asia and Century City Mall in Makati. For more information, visit www.twelvecupcakes.com.
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