Last week, 8List started a Tarpaulin donation drive for the benefit of Typhoon Yolanda survivors. We did this because we realized that such a strong, waterproof, and versatile material would be very useful for communities recovering from devastation. Survivors can build temporary shelters, create spaces for privacy, and even use the material for makeshift stretchers, among other things.


Still, we were surprised when an entire truck of tarpaulin pulled up in front of our office. It seems United Neon Advertising Inc., who maintains billboards in 510 different locations nationwide, heeded our call for tarps in a very big way.

At the back of their truck were around 20 folded bundles of tarpaulins. According to the foreman who oversaw the delivery, each tarpaulin was once a billboard along NLEX and SLEX.


You never think of tarpaulin as heavy. Yet trying to carry something that when unfolded can cover your typical residential lot dispels that notion. Each bundle weighed over 100 kilos each, and required four men to carry.

The foreman said that whenever these tarpaulins are put up or removed from billboards, great care is taken. If not pulled up or dropped down properly, the total weight of the sheet is heavy enough to twist and break metal frames.

We’re now working with our partners to process each parcel of 280 square-meter tarpaulin for delivery to the survivors. Again, a big thank you to United Neon Advertising Inc.! You guys rock! Be sure to check out their Facebook page here.

Rico Mossesgeld

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