Ladies gotta look hot and gents must be cool. You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss, a style is just style. But these can make or break your chances for a happy ending on the night for lovers.

So beware and be aware of fashion tips for both sexes if you want that night to be a good memory.

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It is not even funny besides you will blend into the decor of the restos and clubs. If you must wear Valentine’s blood ( it was a massacre celebrated ) choose darker shades of MAROON, purple, fuchsia or pink. This applies to both sexes.

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Wear brand new underwear. Choose sexy and colorful like the ones from Bench (now’s not the time for your tidy whities, boys or your “long-sleeved” cotton panties, girls). Boys can take the cue from Tom Rodriguez and the girls may mix and match styles.

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Ladies do not wear a floral scent, it will suppress desire from the male of the species, this reminds them of their mom. Instead choose cinnamon, vanilla  and even fruit scents like apple, this will make them want to devour you. Hihi.

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Be ladylike and be prepared for lovemaking by being sweet inside out. Be a gentleman and make sure you bring protection. These are essential ingredients to your night’s happy ending.

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Ban jeans for that evening girls, be feminine and romantic or all out sexy. Menfolk can wear a blazer over tapered jeans and a collared tee.

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Oh yes, guys gotta get a perfect Power Peel from Belo where I go to once a month. It will make you look like Prince Charming with a beaming complexion for that close-up moment when you start kissing. Ladies, try not to wear heavy make-up with waterproof mascara and tasty lipstick—a light cover slick and a bit of powder will be enough to keep you looking fresh all night.

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Forget about roses, they will be overpriced and low in supply, instead choose a cattleya corsage, it will be impressive. Save up to buy a bottle of good champagne to bring to the bedroom, best high for romancing, and it’s much more convivial than wine or hard liquor. And of course bites of delicious chocolates in between kisses will taste sweet and will induce some happy hormones.

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True love must be patient and humble, it is a partnership and not ownership. Good manners and gentlemanly treatment like opening doors, kissing the hand, helping her getting out of the car, gently pushing her chair in the resto as she sits down. Trust me, this are sure pogi points that will propel your chances for an unforgettable night.

And ladies, laugh at his jokes, stare at his eyes and smile when you speak softly and slowly. Your body language will transmit the right signals to the heart and head. Most of all, be positive with no ulterior motives, this is the best formula to enjoy February 14, and 13, and 15, etc., etc.


How are you getting ready for the 14th? Share you tips in the Comments Section.

Larry Leviste

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