As a gadget geek and lover of the oceans, I have spent a considerable amount of time testing whether this little device over here can be brought down into the depths of the seas. Because we live in a country with the best beaches, I’m going to give you the low down on 8 gadgets and accessories you can buy to capture those wet moments.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: A number of these devices come with an IP67 certification which states that they are protected from 1) dust and 2) short periods of immersion in water. That would mean that this certification does not guarantee 100% waterproofing as the IP67 standard only applies to a depth of one meter in fresh water for 30 minutes. Gadgets that have been damaged due to flooding have their warranty voided.

8. SONY XPERIA ZR; Depth Rating: 5 feet of freshwater for 30 minutes

While its predecessor (the XPERIA Z) could survive a fall into a glass of water, the XPERIA ZR can survive falling into a kiddie pool. Because the pressure of the water column disables the touch screen, the ZR comes with a dedicated hardware button for taking photos and video when submerged.

7. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active; Depth Rating: 5 feet of freshwater for 30 minutes

Essentially, it’s a S4 that’s been equipped with a rugged case so you can take it underwater. But seriously, don’t tempt fate. Just like the SONY ZR, having this “waterproof” feature would best be used as a precaution in those days where you have to wade through flood or rescue your phone from falling into the toilet.

6. BRAVEN BRV-1 Portable Bluetooth Speakers; Depth Rating: None. It’s only splash-proof

Not really waterproof, the BRAVEN BRV-1 portable speakers are still epic enough to bring around the pool area. Besides, it’s silly to even try to listen to music underwater, so don’t. The BRV-1 can get wet, but not submerged, so you can have this very near the swimming pool without having to worry much. Sound quality is TRIPLE A: you’ll be amazed by the amount of power that will come out from this little thing. Add wireless music streaming via Bluetooth and the ability to charge your smartphone (yes it’s a portable charger!) to its list of features and you got yourself one nifty travel-essential.

Available at Beyond the Box in Rockwell and Resorts World Manila.

5. Otterbox Armor Series for iPhone and Galaxy Smartphones; Depth Rating: 5 feet for 30 minutes

Otterbox is synonymous to total protection. The Armor series goes even further by allowing some semblance of waterproofing for your iPhone or high end Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

4. Patima Case for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones; Depth Rating: 300 meters (980 ft) for almost an unlimited time

I’ve been a long-time fan of Patima, the Japanese manufacturer of hardcore smartphone cases for SCUBA divers. Yes, it can bring your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy family smartphone down to amazing depths but the deeper you go, you’ll need to attach some strobes to get decent photos. If you’re looking to go SCUBA diving with your smartphone, Patima is the synonymous brand to go with.

Available at Splash UW Imaging


sony handycam
3. SONY Handycam HDR GWP-88; Depth Rating: 30 feet of freshwater; no literature can be found for the IP rating but since it is not sealed with an o-ring, keep it under 30 minutes.

Why even consider buying a Handycam these days? The GWP-88 is SONY’s way of reinventing camcorders by introducing one neat new feature (apart from it being waterproof). Press the dedicated PROJECT button and the GWP-88 will project your videos onto any flat surface. This is one of the best, or even perhaps the best LED projector slash camera in the market today.

Seashell Camera Case
2. Seashell Camera Case; Depth Rating: 130 feet for more than an hour

It’s hard to find a camera maker that makes their own cases—apart from SONY and Canon, that is. So if you have a semi-generic looking point and shoot camera (one that’s rectangle in shape and has the standard load out of buttons), you can easily outfit it with a Seashell Case that comes with different button templates for every major camera manufacturer.

1. Liquid Image HD SCUBA Mask; Depth Rating: 200 feet for more than an hour

Better than GoPro? Maybe! Liquid Image has been in the market of making snorkeling masks with built in cameras for so long that they’ve released a SCUBA version that lets you use it in deeper water, for longer. The HD SCUBA mask from Liquid Image records photos and video in 1080p/720p with the camera mounted on top of the mask. A color-coordinated LED light blinks on the upper right-hand side of the mask to inform you if you’re taking photos, or if you’re on standby or record. The HD SCUBA Mask uses four AA batteries and supports microSD expansion. Camera quality? AMAZING.

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