ince the last time I came out with a WATN list, more than a few people have approached me to ask for help in searching for their missing friends or relatives. I wish I could help you guys, but that’s not really what I do.

Anyway, That’s Entertainment was a television show that started in 1986 and lasted for an entire decade, as it pretty much defined an entire generation and then some of Philippine show business.

Name any star right now in the country, and I am willing to bet that within three degrees of separation, you can link that star to a former member or two of That’s, and by extension, within four degrees, link that same person to Kuya Germs, the Master Showman himself.

And no, please don’t tell (or ask) me where Chuckie Dreyfus is right now, because I already follow him on FourSquare.

8. Ramon Christopher (Monday Group)


Best Known For: The Lotlot-Monching Loveteam, culminating in the RPN-9 Sitcom Classic Mag-Asawa’y Di Biro.

Nowadays: He’s a Gutierrez, so there will never be a shortage for showbiz work for the man. After getting an annulment with Lotlot in 2008, it didn’t take too long before he found his way back into film.

7. Karla Estrada (Wednesday Group)


Best Known For: Being a TF Star in the ‘90s, yes, with Sabrina M, no less, in Sarap ng Unang Kagat.

Nowadays: Much more popular as Daniel Padilla’s mother. Who knew, unless you were already a big fan of DP?

6. Smokey Manaloto (Thursday Group)


Best Known For: Being Anjo Yllana’s sidekick in Takeshi’s Castle and one of Dolphy’s sons in the long-running Home Along Da Riles. He was always one of the most underrated talents in That’s because of his lack of conventional matinee idol looks.

Nowadays: Still one of the funniest people alive, you can find him easily on Twitter, and on ASAP’s Luv U, if you’re so inclined. Also, he plays golf.

5. Jigo Garcia (Tuesday Group)


Best Known For: Having a child out of wedlock with Jean Garcia (the things we preoccupied ourselves with in the ‘90s!).

Nowadays: For three successive terms, Jigo was Bgy. Dona Josefa’s captain. More importantly than that, he can dance up a storm in his spare time. His daughter with Jean, Jennica, is also currently in show business.

4. Manolet Ripol (Monday Group)


Best Known For: His loveteam with Marilyn Villamor, I guess.

Nowadays: You might have seen him in this PLDT commercial. He also happens to be on the board of directors in Alabang Hills, where people are much more comfortable calling him “Manuel Llige” than his screen name, which suspiciously rhymes with “nipol.”

3. Kristina Paner (Friday Group)


Best Known For: Her song, “Tamis ng Unang Halik,” and the 1990 film Lessons In Love

Nowadays: Having been based in Spain for a few years already, Tina’s name recently came up again because she was allegedly selling invalid tickets from Spain to the Philippines. She returned to the Philippines to address this issue, and ended up having a role last April in ABS-CBN’s Wansapanataym.

2. John Nite (Friday Group)


Best Known For: Being German Moreno’s nephew?

Nowadays: He suffered a stroke in 2009, recovered, and may or may not be a doctor specializing in alternative medicine.

1. Romnick Sarmenta (Wednesday Group)


Best Known For: Being versatile enough to play Miguel/Michelle, then Gregorio Del Pilar. Also, his loveteam with Sheryl Cruz.

Nowadays: Aside from a rarely used Twitter account and sporadic appearances on television, you probably won’t hear much from the man unless you go cycling with him, or hang out in TaUmbayan, a place in Kamuning frequented by theater people. And yes, he doesn’t look a day over 25, as seen in the picture I had with him and his lovely wife, Harlene Bautista-Sarmenta.

Who was your favorite group or love team from That’s Entertainment? Share in the Comments Section.

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