Being a domestic diva (as I’d like to put it) isn’t easy. Managing a household, taking care of a toddler and a baby, being a wife, a TV commercial and print model, and a blogger really make my plate full.
Apart from taking care of my kids, household work takes much of my time because I’ve been used to not having a helper nor a yaya. Even when I had a helper/maid, I still do most of the housework because being an OC person; I have a certain way of doing things. Plus, housework is somehow therapeutic for me. Weird, I know!
Household work indeed can make one feel unglamorous. After all, it’s all about cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering. But fret not! For there are eight ways to do household work in style and I’m sharing it all to you.

8. Pump it up

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Music as they say is the food for the soul. What better way to accompany you while you mop the floor than to turn up the music and dance to your favorite beat? This even doubles as a workout regimen, hitting two birds with one stone, now that’s style.

7. Stop and smell the roses

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Dirty laundry, soiled diapers, smelly kitchen are as bad as it sounds especially when you’re tasked to clean them. You don’t have to bear with the nasty smell do you? So make the most out of it by buying fresh flowers and put it all over your house. It’s refreshing to look at and also gives a certain scent of pretty and charm. Not a fan of flowers? You can use scented candles; room mist or air aromas in your favorite scent that can help you feel calm, cool and collected while sanitizing and prettifying your home.

6. Stand tall and proud

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Often times when people ask me for tips when managing a household, I always say: “Whenever I’m doing the laundry, I wear one of my favorite heels. It makes me feel pretty and empowered.” If you have more than a few pretty pairs of shoes and have no occasion to wear them, I suggest start wearing them at home. Not only will it train your feet to love your heels, it can also help your posture and stay fab while doing household chores. Plus, your hubby won’t mind buying you a new pair because you have a legit reason to use them.

5. Go face painting

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No, I’m not talking about the side entertainment in a kiddie party. I’m talking about make up! I admit, I am not one who likes wearing make up, but when I’m feeling swamped with chores and errands, I find myself fixing my eyebrows and putting on my favorite lipstick. It helps me get through the day, seeing myself as I clean the bathroom mirror that I managed to maintain groomed eyebrows while I flash a smile with my bright colored lips. It will definitely save you the trouble of getting a bit made up when an unannounced visitor decides to pop into your home.

4. What basahan?

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Gone are the days when neither one wears pambahay nor one uses an ugly rag cloth. Those dresses that are kept in your closet because you think they look so worn out to wear outside home use them as your pambahay instead. Too worn out to wear? Cut them into your ideal size, sew them and use them as rag cloths. Not only will you look presentable at home, but there won’t be an ugly basahan in sight.

3. Tacky schmacky tools

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Invest in pretty cleaning tools. Yes, you read that right. It’s about time you buy yourself some nifty looking mop that’s functional and chic. After all, you’re the one who’ll use it anyway. Don’t you just hate it when you keep on using tacky tools that get broken easily? Go buy yourself an imop, a silent vacuum cleaner, or even a soap brush dispenser. Having well-designed and efficient tools can save you time (not to mention money) in doing household work.

2. Tea time

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After all the household work, you gotta give yourself a break. Bring out your fancy tea set and whip up some snack to go along with it. Enjoy a pocket of me-time while you watch your favorite afternoon drama before resuming to your ga-bundok na labada.

1. Donya problem

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The ultimate way to do household work in style is to have someone do it for you. If you can afford it and if you follow the Kasambahay Laws, there’s nothing like feeling like a donya whenever you need something done.
Having someone help us with housework is a luxury and sanity saver since not all of us can bring out the inner Martha Stewart in them.
I have been applying these tips as far as I can remember. They have given me enough reason to be an empowered homemaker, tackling one dirty area in our house at a time. I hope these tips can help channel the domestic diva in you!
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