If you haven’t seen any Lav Diaz film, his critically acclaimed movie “Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan” (or “Norte, the End of History”) is being screened at a groundbreaking scale at local cinemas. This is perhaps the most commercial exposure any Lav Diaz movie has seen in the country. There is nothing quite like seeing a Lav Diaz epic on the big screen as it demands your full attention with wide-angle shots and slow yet rewarding unraveling of its story. Catch up on its screening dates and be treated to a cinematic tour-de-force unlike any other.
Yes, it is four hours long but this is actually “short” by Lav Diaz standards. His movie “Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino” (“Evolution of a Filipino Family”) is an 11-hour movie. Don’t let the screening time discourage you because all his movies reward the audience with sweeping storytelling and sharp political commentary.
Make sure you enter the cinema with all the food and drinks you need for the entire duration of the movie. Once the movie starts and the story picks up its pace, you wouldn’t want to miss a scene just to buy something from the snack bar.
Or, if you can’t help yourself right in the middle of the movie, make sure you make your trip to the bathroom short and sweet. (I watched this movie with four of my friends and none of us went stood up neither for drinks and pee break the entire time. You will be surprised at how this movie can captivate and root you into your seat despite its length.)
There are several gut-wrenching and shocking moments in the movie that will make you want to hold somebody else’s hand. Trust us. You’ll want someone by your side to comfort you.
This movie will demand all of your attention and you are better off watching the screen rather than tweeting about it.
For her role as Eliza, indie actress Angeli Bayani won over industry heavyweights Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos in this year’s Gawad Urian. Sid Lucero was unforgettable as Fabian as he powerfully played the role of a law school dropout full of radical ideas. It is impossible to not be affected by Fabian as his role punctuates many of the movie’s riveting scenes. The notable cast also includes Archie Alemania, Mae Paner, Hazel Orencio, Angelina Kanapi and Soliman Cruz.
Just like movie critic Wesley Morris of Grantland, who claims he’d never clapped for a movie before.
When you exit the cinema, there are two ways which you can deal with the post-Norte feelings: either you talk it out with friends or you all remain silent as you process everything you’ve just seen. Both ways are best done over beer.

Weng Cahiles

Weng Cahiles has been writing for most parts of her life and takes pride in her book hoarding ability. One day, she hopes to retire in a house by the beach, full of bookshelves and a garden in the backyard (just like what any idealistic person in their mid-20s has in mind). Her life can easily be summed up as “Malas sa pag-ibig, swerte sa BookSale.”

She is the author of the children’s book “What Kids Should Know About Andres And The Katipunan” published by Adarna House.

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