So. How many ribbons do you tie to your luggage so you know it’s yours when you see it at the airport baggage carousel? If you get any of these 8, you can be sure you don’t have to worry about which bag is yours the next time you fly out.

8. The Camera

Film not included, this luggage can easily be recognized in a flash.

pinterest luggage photo (8)


7. The Canvass

Unleash your inner pseudo-artists with this fine number. What makes this even better is you can customize it even more, if you so choose to.

pinterest luggage photo (7)


6. The Melted

Can you ask your airplane for a refund or something? This bag looks damaged – but also completely unmistakably yours.

pinterest luggage photo (6)


5. The Laundry

Nobody’s going to try to steal this until you put it on a clothesline.

pinterest luggage photo (5)


4. The Criminal

Think twice before bringing one of these, because you can be sure they’ll stop you at the airport numerous times. Airport security is not known for its sense of humor.

pinterest luggage photo (4)


3. The Controller

What? No Dual Shocks? Oh, right. It’s a NES controller.

pinterest luggage photo (3)


2. The BoomBox

To prove to everyone that you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

pinterest luggage photo (2)


1. The Cartoon

You half expect Porky Pig to pop out from behind this one!

pinterest luggage photo (1)



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