here’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting a fresh pair of sneakers (emphasis on fresh). Some of us won’t mind spending a large amount of money for our sneakers, and our friends and family may never understand our penchant for the sneaker game. (You think this is a game? The struggle is real.)
It’s obvious that not all shoes are created equally and some are waaaaaay more expensive than others. But what the hell for? Although there’s nothing wrong with shelling out our hard-earned cash for something we really want or deserve, allow us break it down why sneakers can be so damned expensive.

Sneaks made with good quality last you longer, sneaks made with poor quality will easily fall apart and have you walking with a hole in your sole in no time.

The technology in the shoe can make or break how your feet will feel better and may even enhance the performance of said shoe. From Nike’s Lunarlon to Vans’ Wafflecup , these factors can improve a shoe’s impact protection, padding, cushioning, and more.

Rumor has it that every pair of Air Jordans gives you the ability to dunk, while new Kobe 9 disables your ability to pass the ball to a teammate.

These guys must be smooth as hell with the ladies. This guy on the other hand, probably didn’t get the memo (or better step up his shoe game).

Everyone knows that a good pair of sneakers can give you level 41 SWAG.

The more limited the release of a sneaker is, the more hypebeasts will want them.
What’s a hypebeast? Urban Dictionary defines them as “Sneakerheads who only rock hyped up shit to get props b/c they got no self-worth or sense of style.”
As such, re-sellers take advantage of this and jack-up the prices of said limited edition sneaks to astronomical prices (some shoes were even even sold for $100,000). Welcome to the world of supply and demand.

Going back to the limited release, a limited release that’s also an artist collaboration jacks up its price. Case in point, Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezys went on sale with a price tag of $245, with the even more limited edition Yeezy Red Octobers reaching a whopping $4,500. As a plus, it also comes with strands of Kim Kardashian’s hair, auto-tune for every step you make and Kanye’s bloated sense of self-worth!

Because how else can you look “street” and let the world know that you have loads of money?
Let’s go talk about your street cred and swag in the Comments Section.

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