Having a car definitely adds pogi points to guys. It makes you look a bit more attractive and badass. But once you go overboard in “beautifying” your precious four-wheeled girlfriend, then it’s also bye bye for us because we’d rather walk than ride your over-the-top automobile that looks like it came out of a dumpster.

Here are 8 things that guys do to their cars that we think are ridunkculous.


Why it looks good: Yes, it brings the attitude out of the car specially when equipped with the right chin and side skirts.

Why we hate it: It’s very annoying and time consuming that you have to do a “siyete” for every hump you pass through. It’s also not impossible that one day we’ll be hearing the “Babe, can you just commute going home? My car can’t handle the baha.”


Why it looks good: Yes, you’ll make us think that you can afford it and makes your car look sporty.

Why we hate it: From afar it looks real but once you go near it, it’s obvious that you just put a sticker on your hood to make it look legit. Who are you kidding???


Why it looks good: It DOES NOT. I repeat, it DOES NOT look good.

Why we hate it: Who in the right mind would like to ride a car that looks like a moving chalkboard? Besides, it’s not safe to drive a car with this kind of paint job because it’s almost invisible especially when the cars around you have a dark tint.


Why it looks good: Yeah yeah we admit to sometimes feeling cool when you’re riding with friends windows down, music on high volume, bumpin’ and grindin’ with the latest Jay-Z song while people on the streets are looking at your car.

Why we hate it: It is a very irritating feeling when every drop of the bass you feel like there’s an earthquake. It’s like you are literally being shaken violently and you barely hear what each other is saying.

*Note: Remember the people outside looking at your car? They probably feel sorry for the person in the passenger seat because she’ll be needing a hearing aid fo sho!


Why it looks good: It brings out your creativity and it definitely adds to the character of the car.

Why we hate it: This just makes me cringe. Your car is not a sticker album, it has feelings too! How would you feel like if we placed flaming decals on your forehead? Plus it looks so “jejemon.”


Why it looks good: It looks good if you place the right height of spoiler.

Why we hate it: Too much of this will make your car look like a clothes hanger and a Batmobile gone wrong. Seriously guys, there’s really no need to exaggerate on this. If you tell us girls that no makeup looks better, it goes the same for your car. The simpler, the better.


Why it looks good: Probably if you have a sports car or if you’re one of the cast members of “Fast and the Furious.”

Why we hate it: If I wanted to get dizzy from all the lights, I’d rather go to a club.


Why it looks good: It looks nice visually especially when paired with the right car.

Why we hate it: Have you even heard of the word noise pollution? If you think that the sound of your muffler can make you dingdong seem (or feel) larger, well you’re wrong. It only annoys us even more. If you had a Ferrari or a Lambo, then by all means, roar your heart out. But honey, if you have an old beat up car and we can hear the sound of your muffler from three blocks away, then forget it. We’ve already run for the hills.

But if you really can’t avoid putting all this junk in your car you better look like this guy…

pet-peeves-car-girls-david beckham


What do you hate about what dudes do to their cars? Why do you think they do this? Do you have the answer. We really want to know. Life has less meaning not knowing why. Please post your thoughts (and hopefully answers) in the Comments Section.

Jana Buenaventura

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