wtf-youtube-headtitle Last week, encouraged you to attend art exhibits, gigs, and book events. This week, you’re summoned to do one thing: stay home, rest, and watch these astonishing WTF videos.
Warning: This is approximately 30 minutes of your life you can never get back. Most are short videos, but it’s best if you do not watch them all in one go because your brain cell count might drop significantly. You have been warned.

8. Poodle Exercise With Humans

Mariko Takahashi, dubbed as the “Ex-Fat Girl,” teaches us how to stay in shape. She wears an inscrutable expression, and it looks like her muscles didn’t distribute well. Also: poodles standing on hind legs, exercising.

7. Dancing Badgers

Said badgers are animated…and dancing. There are also gigantic mushrooms. The end.

6. I Am Your Grandma

In which a strange, beautiful woman discusses lineage with the help of futuristic head gears, clowns and a disturbing adult-sized baby.

5. Late for Meeting

This video has a whole lot of excellent bending (so excellent that they will surely pass Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks). The first few seconds show just a regular day at the grocery store, but then things will start to escalate very quickly…in a very confusing manner.

4. The Warped Forest

Yet another Japanese video, because when it comes to all things WTF, Japan’s an expert. This is actually a trailer for a movie by that has been summarized as “a place both familiar and alien; where a giant shop-girl can barely fit in her store, there’s a weird green pod in every bedroom, and terrifying wood nymphs provide a heartbroken woman with the anatomically correct fruit everyone seems to covet.”
Needless to say, SOLD.

3. Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

This animation is possibly NSFW, although there isn’t any full-on nudity (there’s a little butt shot in there, but nothing significant to ruin your life). To quote one satisfied commenter: “Real men ride each others.” OK.

2. Muffins

Liam Kyle Sullivan is one of pioneers of YouTube comedy. He created the annoying Kelly, the star of the 2007 video “Shoes,” which now has over 54 million views on YouTube. “Muffins,” which was posted on the same year, shows us some pretty creative (and disturbing) ways to bake.

1. Rollin Chick Chick

Boys and girls, the latest WTF video from Asia aiming for virality. Chinese pop star Rong “Rollin” Wang has recently given the world a video that produces more questions than answers; a 4-minute clip containing women pretending to dance like chickens, and men wearing horse masks and bike shorts. It’s like Ylvis’s “What Does the Fox Say,” but more annoying.
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has already went past the 2 billion (let’s say that again: 2 BILLION) mark. Let’s see if this one can compete.
Do you have other WTF videos in mind? Share them in the Comments Section below!


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