on’t have time to see a scary movie? Here are 8 YouTube shorts you should check out for a perfect Halloween scare. These run for less than five minutes, so it definitely won’t eat up your time.

8. Play Time

It’s not shock-horror but it will definitely creep you out. Imagine: what if this happened to your child?

7. There’s Something On My Bed

This is the winner of the Who’s There horror film challenge. What made this film great is that it used great angles and combined chaos and horror into a short clip.

6. Behind the Door

Something wants to come in…will you let it? Also, look closely at the start of the clip, you’ll notice something there.

5. The Smiling Man

Creepy is the right word. Not scary but definitely creepy. Try to imagine this kind of person walking down your street and following you.

4. Cam Closer

Remember, curiosity killed the cat. And finding out too much about something can get you into deep trouble.

3. Night Swim

Swimming at night may be fun but it can have its consequences, especially if an unknown figure might be lurking around…

2. Bedfellows

Though predictable what will happen in the end, this is extremely scary especially when you’re sleeping beside your “loved one”.

1. Lights Out

This short video shows how terrifying is it to be living alone and with an unknown force lurking around your very own home.


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