hey say that Filipinos make anything better. And in a lot of cases that’s true! Yet popular online videos remain an unexplored area of Pinoy awesomness, in the sense that OMG-Pinoy-Pride scholars have never bothered studying the effects of the Pinoy Touch on them. That’s where we come in, dear readers, through this special 8List showing just how Pinoy-ness makes even YouTube better.

Rhys Millen Drifts Roxas Boulevard

Yes, this video is set in the Philippines, and drifter Rhys Millen knows what he’s doing. But maybe he should’ve drifted in a Jeepney, just like how¬†many Jeepney drivers already do?

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Yeah, the dancing moves are wacky fun. Still, it lacks something. Perhaps young Aga Muhlach should’ve entered right before the bride and groom?

Then again, Aga’s awesome dance moves would’ve stolen the show, and made everyone forget about the wedding.

Elevator Murder Prank

Would’ve been better if the “victim” was this operator working at SM Olongapo.

Imagine how she could’ve contributed to the murder prank! “Oh my God ate, help me naman, o!”

Sexy Sax Man Careless Whisper Prank feat. Sergio Flores (directors cut)

Hmmm, let’s work Katrina Halili’s famous Careless Whisper dance into the mix?


Hot Cha Cha

Here’s a performance from Dancing With the Stars, titled “Hot Cha Cha” by whoever uploaded it on YouTube. But is it hot enough? Not if Michael V, Olgie Alcasid, and Wowie de Guzman have something to say! (or hide)

It’s clear: compared to Dancing With the Stars, this kind of “Cha cha cha” is way more hot.

“The Play” – Multicam Edition

For those who aren’t into Dota, allow me to explain: the team in yellow (Na’Vi) was ambushed by their opponents (iG). Yet somehow, Na’Vi protected themselves from iG’s most devastating attacks, and turned everything around. Everyone on iG died, despite being at a tactical advantage. Yet there reaction at losing the game bad (they would go on to win the championship however) is a bit muted. Why not take a page from Pinoy Dota players?

“Suntukan nalang, o!”

David Blaine – Street Magic 7/11

You know, we at 8List believe that a team will do better than solo efforts. So David Blaine should’ve enlisted the services of Dan Michael, Master Magician.

I always wonder why Dan Michael decided to become Ramon Bautista, Internet Action Star. Magic was what he was destined to do.

Hit the Road, Jack – Movie Ray – the beginning

This is a classic scene from the Ray Charles biopic Ray. At 2:12, having pushed his (former?) lover into the right emotion, Charles, played by Jamie Foxx, feels it’s the right time to practice “Hit the Road, Jack.” Yet even this award-winning performance still has room for improvement. What do you say, Genelyn Sandaga?

Ok, that’s it, I quit! You’ve put me through too much, dear editors!

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